Science In The Air S.Y. 2014-2015


Teaching Science is not that easy. This entails the use of great strategy, preparation and heart to convince students to buy the teacher's strategy.  The intention is to make the students listen well and participate thoroughly in the day's discussion.

I was able to contact some students of Quirino High School, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines to give some feedback or testimonies on the products of good teaching sold by their teachers to them during the entire school year (2014-2015) that they or their classmates LOVED SCIENCE so much.

Третий научно-практический семинар Fab Lab, 3-6 декабря 2013 г.

Третий научно-практический семинар Fab Lab, 3-6 декабря 2013 г.

Некоммерческая образовательная программа SEED совместно с аспирантами Стэндфордского Университета в третий раз проводят обучающий семинар для учеников и учителей Лицея 1502 МЭИ, на котором лицеисты освоили передовые технологии по работе с лазерным гравером.

День первый, 3.12.2013

Workshop: Days Four & Five (Nigeria 2015)


Greetings from Port Harcourt, Nigeria! The 2015 SEED NGA Collaborative Workshop is now over and the hall is empty but memories of a successful event remain.

You can read more about the presentation topics in my next post, but here I will talk more about the other aspects of the final two days of the workshop.

On Thursday, participants spent the morning fine-tuning their projects and presentation items. I am amazed at how they went from knowing very little about the Arduino to pulling together a working prototype project in just a few days!

Workshop: Day Three (Nigeria 2015)


Greetings from Port Harcourt, Nigeria! Day three of the SEED Collaborative Workshop is complete and we are seeing some great progress on the projects!

Several participants arrived at the workshop in the morning before we did and were already at work when we arrived—which is always a good sign of engagement!

Workshop: Day 2 (Nigeria 2015)


Greetings from Port Harcourt, Nigeria! Day two of the SEED Collaborative Workshop is complete and the groups have been hard at work on their projects.

The day began with a group photo of all the participants, which you can see above. I also set up a time-lapse camera to show the process of arranging such a photo! I have attached the movie file to this post if you want to view.


Workshop: Day One (Nigeria 2015)


Greetings from Port Harcourt, Nigeria! Day one of the SEED Collaborative Workshop is in the books and we are going strong.

The workshop is being held in a ballroom at the Hotel Randolph, a very ideal space for the event. The large room allows for 18 tables for group work plus a separate auditorium-style seating area for presentations. A small stage is at one end and is used for the store (for supplies for group projects) and administration.

Workshop Preparation (Nigeria 2015)


Greetings from Port Harcourt, Nigeria! We're in the final stages of preparing for this year's SEED Workshop, part of the annual Nigeria Science Project Challenge, and I thought I would introduce you to some of the preparation process that is involved in putting on such an event.

Workshop Preparation: Meet the Facilitators (Nigeria 2015)


We're here in Port Harcourt making preparations for the SEED Workshop which begins Monday, 27 April and will include students and teachers from 35 schools in 25 states in Nigeria. It's the largest workshop we've done in Nigeria and everyone is excited to begin!



En el marco del Taller de Robótica realizado el 24 y 25 de marzo del 2015, en la Costa oriental del lago, estado Zulia,  celebramos con beneplácito la camaradería y el aprendizaje significativo reinante, fruto de la organización por parte del dpto de desarrollo social de la empresa Schlumberger, gracias Carmen. Gracias a SEED llevamos nuestras vivencias y nuevos retos para nustros estudiantes.