" It's very important to test water because we use it in every day life."

These are the words of Mr. Simon Lim during the SEED water testing workshop held at Quirino High School, Philippines, on September 24.

He emphasized the reasons why we should test water and  the importance of knowing it. Also,  he performed some experiments and explained the phenomena behind it. And as he was explaining, we, the students, are really listening to him because we are so curious if our drinking water is safe.

After that, we ,Quirinians, also did an experiment. We tested tap water, pond water, and river water . And after an hour, the results of the experiment were there. Sad to say, our drinking water was not safe to drink because it contains some bacteria that can harm our body system, especially our immune system. Thus we will stop drinking from it.

We are very thankful to SEED because we had fun and learned a lot. We hope that there will be  another workshop soon in the Philippines.

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Hi Ma'am Corrine,

After the experiment , we, Quirinians, stopped drinking tap water and we started to drink on bottles.And now, we really  found it naturally .

In line with this, my family and friends were surprised as I present the results of the experiment , thus,  we stopped drinking tap water in tour homes.




Tap Water in the Philippines

Dear Ralph,

Thank you for sharing your experience as I was not there it helped me to see what you understood after the workshop. I didn't know that you used to drink the tap water!

This is the first thing I learned before going to your country not to drink any tap water only from the bottle same for Nigeria and other countries in Latina America...

Well, I would be curious if you find it natural now to drink only from the bottle and what about your family and friends?

Again thank you for sharing. Your ideas are always welcome.

Simon will start soon a Forum section to share more about the Water Testing WKP experience.

All the best and keep being aware.