四月 2011

Mi coordinacion en Escuela Carmela Figueroa Paraiso, Tabasco

Desde que inicie mi coordinacion en la Escuela Carmela Figueroa al abrir esta como SEED me ha quedado una experiencia inolvidable en donde he procurado estar al pendiente de los niños y los maestros.

He realizado varias actividades como plantar arboles, concursos de dibujo acerca de la salud, presentaciones de medio ambiente, entrega de juguetes en dia de reyes, entre otras actividades.

Wonderful Testimonials from the First SEED FabLab@School in Moscow!!!


Want to hear about the first SEED FabLab@School from its own participants?  Here are some testimonials directly from Moscow!




Quirino High School in the Youth Can Conference


Last April 4, 2011,  SEED members in the  Philippines have gathered in Quirino High School to participate in the Youth 

Can Conference in New York through skype. Before the presentation have started, we introduced ourselves to the

children as they requested. We have a short conversation with them. 

John Ian Baitamo have presented an experiment called Specialized Stem Power using potatoes as a source of

2011 - Connected Wisdom Workshop - Neuquen -Mar 2

02/03/2011 - 03:00
Location(s) of Event: 

Connected Wisdom Workshop, presented by Maria Soledad Manueco in Escuela 266 - Plottier - Neuquen, helped by Alejandra Cervino, IT support people on the site (Maximo Von Kotsch, Mario Villa) and HR representative Maximiliano Di Falco and HR manager Jorge Vicens.

This workshop was attended by teachers of all shifts (morning and evening) and the Principal.

Escuela 266 Neuquen
Av San Martín   S/N, Plottier
38° 57' 8.5356" S, 68° 3' 51.174" W

SEED workshops in brazil


This month we are working on some SEED workshops in Brazil!