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2009 - Collaborative Workshop - Tyumen - Nov 3

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Collaborative Workshop
Event Date: 
11/03/2009 (All day)
Location(s) of Event: 

Solving Environment, Energy, and Safety Issues with Robotics

November 2010 [Tyumen, Russia]

Students participate in workshop
The students worked hard on their projects.
Students participate in workshop
The students programmed the GoGo Boards to make the projects work.
Students participate in workshop
Each team presented their project to the rest of the group.

Ninth SEED School Workshop: High School #25, Tyumen, Russia

Students from the following local schools participated in the event: #34, #11, #29, #49, #88, and #25. Forty young inventors worked in five teams under the guidance of six teachers. The 9th SEED workshop brought over 50 people in the audience—from students to teachers and parents. All projects were juried by highly qualified experts among whom there were professors from the Tyumen Oil and Gas University, the principal of High School #25, and the renowned local inventor Mr. Pavlikov.

The workshop had the following objectives:

  • To motivate students to try themselves in the areas of science using pioneering technical tools;
  • Enabling youth to discover their creative skills in science;
  • Assisting participants with learning and using GoGo Boards and the Scratch animation program in their projects.

The goals included:

  • Assisting participants with team-building activities, including ice-breaking (fun ways of coming up with work names, logos, mottos, etc. for their teams);
  • Creating a learning environment and providing the necessary equipment: computers, GoGo Boards, laptops, Scratch program, and school supplies for projects;
  • Helping students understand theory behind robotics;
  • Developing successful processes to guide participants during their projects;
  • Introducing speakers and guests who represent science, technology, and engineering to participants and audience.

Teams came up with amazing projects aimed at improving environment, conditions of life and energy conservation techniques. In particular there were two attention-grabbing projects: a natural energy electricity converter and a marine oil film purifier known as Nemesis-22.

Nominees received awards in several categories: the most original project, the most technically competent, the most environmentally sound, and the most energy-focused.

More new inventors have entered this world. At the end of the workshop they didn't say farewell to each other.  They departed saying,  "Until new creative times!"


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