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Schlumberger Vietnam attended SNP Grant Ceremony at Nguyen An Ninh School


                       Schlumberger Vietnam attended SNP Grant Ceremony at Nguyen An Ninh School

         The Opening Ceremony of the New School Year is a big memorable event for most of the students and schools in the country of Vietnam in September each year. The school playground full of red flags in hands and students in school uniforms gather early in the morning for this ceremony.

         On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the new school year at Nguyen An Ninh Secondary School in Vung Tau on the early morning of Sep 5, 2013, Schlumberger Vietnam donated a funding program SNP (School Network Program) for this school. Under the program, Schlumberger Vietnam has donated 25 sets of new computers, desks, chairs, projectors, software applications, Internet connectivity, and related services.

                         Mr. Sujit Kumar, Schlumberger Vietnam Geomarket Manager, speaks at the ceremony

          The Schlumberger Vietnam  Management board including Mr. Sujit Kumar, Vietnam Geomarket Manager, Mrs. Meidiana Sarijanto, Vietnam HR Manager, Mr. Artur Gataullin, Vietnam Account Manager, Mr. Tran Ngoc Thach, Vietnam HSE Manager,  Ms Trinh Hong Mai, SEED coordinator, attended the ceremony. Together with the company management, the Vietnam SEED team, including Mr.  Le Hoa, Ms. Ta Thi Phuong, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong, Ms. Tran Thu Huong, and Mr. Le Dinh Dong Thao, also participated in this event.

                         SNP Donation Plaque, valued 500,000,000 VND, was delivered to the school head master

Some VIPs from the Provincial Government Committee of Ba Ria- Vung Tau Province and management boards of some Oil and Gas companies such as JVPC and  VSP also attended the event.


                          VIPs from Government Committee of BR-VT Province  and Oil & Gas Companies

In Vietnam, Schlumberger is the first Foreign Service Company to provide services for exploration and production of oil and gas since the early 1970s. With evolution of the oil and gas industry in Vietnam, Schlumberger Vietnam has established the first permanent base in Vung Tau since 1989. Since then Schlumberger Vietnam has  lived and thrived in Vung Tau, working  with local communities and building our workforce. More than 83% of of the staff is Vietnamese staff. A lot of Vietnamese staff members were sent abroad to develop their knowledge while working in many parts of the world. Mr. Sujit Kumar, Vietnam Country Manager, is very proud to say that more than 225 Vietnamese are working for Schlumberger outside of Vietnam.

                          Schlumberger Vietnam Management  and SEED Team in the school traditional room

Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development (SEED) is a volunteer-based, nonprofit education program focusing on underserved communities where Schlumberger people live and work. SEED empowers employee-volunteers and educators—including teachers, parents, and other mentors—to share their passion for learning and science with students aged 8-18. The SEED learning-while-doing (LWD) methodology draws on the technology and science expertise of our volunteers to engage students in global issues, such as water, energy, and climate change.

                          The new computer lab donated to Nguyen An Ninh School by Schlumberger Vietnam

With SEED Our Vision is to ignite a passion for science and learning in youth and empower them to use knowledge and technology creatively to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our Mission is to inspire, influence, and enable educators in underserved communities where Schlumberger people live and work to engage youth in topics related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This will be achieved by building learning communities and knowledge-sharing environments in which students, educators, and volunteers collaborate on projects in their local languages.

                                          Mr. Sujit Kumar with students at Nguyen An Ninh School

Nguyen An Ninh School has 35 classrooms with 1,234 students from Grade 6 to Grade 9 and 67 teachers. This school has been rewarded as one of the best secondary schools in Ba Ria Vung Tau province and received an excellent award of emulation from the Government for many consecutive years. In year 2008, they received the Second Class of Labor Prize from the President. In academic year 2012-2013, it is nominated for the First Class of Labor Prize. The school currently has two computer rooms with 84 computers in total, but a half of them are very old and need to be replaced.




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Over the Easter Break, I flew back to China and visited a SEED school for the first time.