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SmartWired Online Training Course

SmartWired Online Training Course
For teachers, volunteers, and coordinators preparing SmartWired workshops

Introduction to SmartWired

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Presentations are available as video (for high bandwidth connections) and as PowerPoint slides (for lower bandwidth connections, or self-paced presentation).

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Part 1: Introduction Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Activity Set & Web site Part 2: Activity Set & Web site
Part 3: Sucesses Part 3: Successes
Part 4: Mind Patterns Part 4: Mind Patterns
Part 5: Attractions & Interests Part 5: Attractions & Interests
Part 6: Resources Part 6: Resources
Part 7: Thinking Talents Part 7: Thinking Talents

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The SEED SmartWired online course provides all the information necessary to run a SmartWired workshop. Based on live SmartWired trainings held around the world, this half-day virtual course provides a step-by-step tutorial of SmartWired’s unique process for anyone committed to supporting youth in their learning journey.

Before you start

We recommend that you have a SmartWired Activity box or download the SmartWired SEEDKIT and print the activity booklet and cards to use during the course.

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Visit the SmartWired Web page

SmartWired card set