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Launching the Water Project in Egypt

Launching the Water Project in Egypt

February 2004 [Egypt]

Sampling the Nile

The Orman School in Cairo is the first to join the Water Project in Egypt. Since Egypt mainly depends on the Nile for its water, raising the water awareness for the community is very crucial to preserve this valuable water resource.

We only had 4 days with the students as they were having their monthly examinations. Fifteen students were selected between the ages of 10-12, based on their educational excellence and interest in science.

The first day started with introducing ourselves to the students and giving a brief presentation on the objectives of SEED and what we planned to do during this period. Then, after dividing them into four groups: water quality, water source, water culture and story tellers, we distributed name tags for them to put their name and design a special logo representing each one’s group. We explained to them the role of each group. We then moved to the wet part, doing some physical demonstrations to explain water sources on earth and the water cycle. Then, to test their consciousness about their individual water use, the students were asked to record their personal consumption during the four days of the project, the individual results were to be compared at the end, to pinpoint activities of excessive water demand and to help them brainstorm for water saving measures.

The Instructors
The next day, we all took the bus to a club by the Nile to collect water samples. The children were divided into two groups and different parameters of water were tested. Though the temperature was approaching 31 C and the sun was burning down, the students were full of enthusiasm and curiosity holding their test tubes, and recording their observations and findings. After more than two stimulating hours, the students returned to school looking forward to the next day where they will be exploring the world of water microorganisms under the eyes of the microscope.