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Printer Friendly VersionMarch 2015

Projects Show Innovation at Yachay Science Fair

Throughout 2014, SEED led a teacher academy to enhance teachers’ STEM and hands-on science skills at Ecuador’s Yachay City of Knowledge, a planned city, where business, technologically innovative ideas, talent, and infrastructure are combined to create solutions for global issues that impact the quality of life of Ecuadorians.

Printer Friendly VersionFebruary 2015

2014: Year of the Teacher

From the most basic STEM school workshop to larger professional development programs, teachers were at the center of many of SEED’s projects, whether in South America or Africa.

Printer Friendly VersionJanuary 2015

2014 Nigeria Science Challenge Finale

For most of 2014, the SEED program in Nigeria has focused on the year-long Schools Science Project Challenge, the largest-ever science challenge for SEED schools.