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Viscosity in Venezuela

What happens when a classroom of 3rd graders mix beakers of water and cooking oil? According to special education teacher Alix Contreras of U.E. Colegio Bolivariana Don Samuel in Barinas, Venezuela, you get students who are excitedly learning about viscosity and the density of different liquids.

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Dig Deeper with SEED Earth Sciences

Now we have gathered all the Earth science articles and activities together to create a new theme: Earth sciences. Teachers, students, and volunteers can easily find information and resources about the Earth sciences in one place.

Printer Friendly VersionSpecial Edition 2014

A Journey with SEED

The transition from year to year is traditionally a time of reflection, and for me the past 20 years have been noteworthy.

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Teaching Systems Thinking

Seeing the entire ecosystem means seeing it from a systems perspective. Our book Connected Wisdom, by Linda Booth Sweeney, teaches systems thinking through 12 world folktales.

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A Plan for Ghana Comes Together

When Schlumberger-Doll Research Center Information Manager Josephine Mawutor Ndinyah has her mind set on something, there is nothing that can stop her.