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Creating a Database Program Using Visual Basic 6.0

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Creating a Database Program Using Visual Basic 6.0

Submitted by Orman Language School team:
Salma Nasr Nour
Yasmin Tarek Anwar
Karim Mohamed Farouk
Ahmed Badawy Awwad
Sponsor and Project Supervisor:
Dr. Ahmed El Sawi Mohamed
Computer Consultant
Reviewing the screens
The Start Screen

The Project

A database program was designed and created using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The following documentation will present the program's screens and how they are used. The program was provided by means of creating a new database file whenever that is found necessary. The data entry screen was provided by two browsing buttons that allow the user to browse among the entered books. Editing the entered data as well as entering new books are allowed at any time.

We had no previous knowledge of programming in Visual Basic, so we were learning while doing. In order to meet our deadline, the Book Search function was postponed to be included in the next version of the program.

The program was packaged in order to be delivered on two installation floppies and its use was kept very simple so that it will only need minimum training before it can be used.

The Program



The program may be installed by inserting the installation disk 1 in the drive and running the setup.exe program. That program may be run from the Start menu or by using Add / Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Setup will add the Library program to the Programs of the Start Menu.

The Starting Screen

The program may be run by choosing it from the Programs of the Start Menu. It begins by showing the Start screen.

To enter the program click Continue. Before getting the next screen, the program will make sure that you have a folder called Library on the root directory of drive C. It is in that folder that the program will keep its data files. If the program is not there, it will be created after prompting you.

The Main Menu


The Main Menu with
two buttons dimmed
The Main Menu with
all three choices enabled

The main menu screen offers three choices on three buttons:

  1. Create New Base
  2. Data Entry
  3. Book Search

When you get the Main Menu for the first time you will notice that the Data Entry and Book Search buttons are dimmed to indicate that they can't be used. This is logical as you have to Create New Base first.

Click the Create New Base button and a new base will be created and ready to receive your books data. You will notice that the buttons of the two other choices are lit to indicate that they became usable.

If after creating the base you need to create a new one for one reason or the other. Click the button, and you will be prompted that such an action will destroy your data. You have to confirm the action.

The EXIT button will end the program after making sure that this is really what you want.

Clicking the Book Search button will get you a message that this choice is not available in this version of the program.

Clicking Data Entry will take you to the Data Entry screen (below) to start entering your library data.

The Data Entry Screen

The Serial box will automatically show the serial number of the book that you are about to enter. Enter the book data then click Save and it will be saved, the screen cleared and the serial incremented to start entering a new book.


  The Data Entry Screen

You can use the two browsing arrows to browse through the entered books. You can edit the date of any of them and save it once more. If you decide while browsing to enter a new book, click New and the screen will be ready to accept the new book data.

Clicking Main Menu will take you back to the Main Menu, from where you can leave the program if you want.


We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Ahmed El Sawi Mohamed for his ideas, guidance, and continuous support without which this project could have never taken its present shape.

The Project Reviewers

Bernd Eggen, Amelia Irion, John Lovell, Brad Roscoe , Hossam El Badawy

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