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Ever wondered what it’s like to travel to the North Pole, how lightning forms, or what is causing the Earth’s climate to change? Whether you’re a teacher looking for science education resources, or a student looking for homework hints, our science articles offer valuable insights into the worlds of air and space, Earth science, energy, and science inventions.

Lightning: The Sky
   Out of Balance

Lightning: The Sky Out of Balance

Learn how lightning forms, how powerful it is, and how you can stay safe in a storm, with this close look at a unique weather phenomenon. Diagrams and photographs illustrate the power and the danger.

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History of Medicine

History of Medicine

How did ancient cultures view illness? When did modern medicine develop? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the history of medicine article.

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Global Climate Change
and Energy

Global Climate Change and Energy

Is the Earth really getting warmer? What is causing this change? How can we prevent more damage? Learn all about climate change and renewable energy in this series of articles. 

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Drawing the Football

Drawing the Football

Did you know that the football (soccer ball) is an icosahedron? Jonathan Hare studies the symmetry to help understand the structure of this shape.

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Connected Wisdom: Living Stories about Living Systems
and Energy

 Connected Wisdom: Living Stories about Living Systems

Folktales passed down from generation to generation teach us to think of our world as interconnected systems instead of separate pieces of a whole.

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Alternatives to
   Fossil Fuels

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Which type of energy might replace fossil fuels? Learn more about these developing technologies.

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Trip to the North Pole

Trip to the North Pole : A Difficult Target

Do you want to know what it is like to travel to the North Pole? Philippe Theys made the trip and he shares all the details.

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