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Got SEED spirit? Now you can light up your computer screen with unique, engaging, and compelling images of the SEED program!

Whether you're at a Schlumberger office, school computer lab, recruiting event, or sales conference kiosk, you can download SEED media and share your SEED spirit with the world.

  1. Mouse pads
  2. Screensavers
  3. Desktop backgrounds
  4. SEED picture slideshow
  5. Global theme posters
  6. “What is SEED?” video
  7. SEED volunteer badge
  8. SEED school badge
  9. Careers in Science poster
  10. SEED Media kit overview (PDF)

For further assistance, contact the SEED Communications team at

1.  Mouse pads


Locally produce your own SEED mouse pads to use in the home, at work, at school, or to give as gifts. Each of five designs showcases some of the beautiful student artwork from our 2013 artwork competition “The Earth: Above and Below”. This PDF contains the printing specs and designs for your local printer.

Specifications: Finished piece 6.5" x 5.5". Instructions for producing locally included.

How to get them: Download artwork with printing instructions (provided in English only).


2.  Screensavers

Screensaver Screensaver Screensaver Screensaver

These four screensavers can act as the default screensaver for company laptops, school computer labs, and sales kiosks, or programmed into a message board rotation.

Specifications: The screensavers are available in two size formats: one for a regular laptop screen, and one for a widescreen monitor (e.g., plasma screen). Downloading and operating instructions are the same for each format.

How to get them: Preview and download the screensavers here.


3.  Desktop backgrounds

Desktop backgroundDesktop backgroundDesktop background
Desktop backgroundDesktop background

These five desktop backgrounds can be displayed on any Mac or PC screen according to the specifications of the operating system. They also can be used as slides for an office message board.

Specifications: All five backgrounds are available in these sizes: 1024 x 768, 1680 x 1050, and 2560 x 1440.

How to get them: Download 1024x768 (7.6 MB zip file), 1680x1050 (13.6 MB zip file), 2560x1440 (20.2 MB zip file).


4.  SEED picture slideshow


These ten slides can be used as part of a rotation on welcome screens or sales kiosks.

Specifications: 10 images (tif) in 1 bundle.

How to get them: Download 13.5 MB zip file.


5.  Global themes posters

Water theme poster Earth sciences theme poster Energy theme poster
Climate change theme poster Health theme poster Living Systems change theme poster
Art theme poster

SEED themes poster

SEED themes poster

SEED challenges teachers and students to think about world and local perspectives through a variety of global themes. These posters depict each SEED theme along with their titles in seven languages: water, Earth sciences, energy, climate change, health and safety, living systems, and artwork.

Printing Specifications: These posters should be printed on standard poster size (24”x36”), high quality, uncoated paper. All posters are © 2012 Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development, Inc.

How to get them: Download 5.3 MB zip file.

6.  “What is SEED?” video

This short film tells the story of SEED through images and video clips, without any text or talking. It can run with or without an accompanying musical background. This video is a fun and easy way to explain SEED programs without using words.

Specifications: MPEG4 video file, viewable in QuickTime or equivalent media player.

How to get it: Download 174 MB zip file. Or, watch it on YouTube.


7.  SEED volunteer badge

This virtual badge was created for Schlumberger employee-volunteers to add to the Volunteering section of their Eureka Career Networking Profile (CNP), to your own personal Web page, or email signature. It is a beautiful way to express your SEED spirit. If you are not already registered with SEED, please do so at

Specifications: 14 KB jpg file linked to SEED Web site.

How to get it: Copy and paste the code into the Volunteering section of your CNP while it is in edit mode.

8.  SEED school badge
SEED Badge

This school badge was created for all SEED schools (granted and affiliated) to add to their own Web sites.  It is a simple way to connect the many teachers and students within our community, and to unify our presence online.

Specifications: 8 KB png file linked from SEED Web site.

How to get it: Copy the relevant language version of the HTML code, and then paste it into the code/source of your School Web site.


9.  Careers in Science poster



Are you considering a career in science? Or maybe you aren’t sure if you love science enough to build your career on it? Do you want to encourage others to try their hand at science? Check out our Science Careers poster, which can be printed or viewed online. Post it on your classroom Web page and share it within your online communities so more people can be inspired to try a career in science!

Specifications and how to get them: Download your preferred version
Low resolution JPG for online viewing
High resolution JPG for print
PDF for online viewing