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New SEED school in Azerbaijan!

New SEED school in Azerbaijan!

The official opening of the new Multimedia Biology Lab, supported by a grant from the SEED program (Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development), took place on April 18, 2014 at the D. Niftaliyev School No. 233 in Lokbatan, Baku, Azerbaijan. There are currently 284 SEED schools in 44 countries worldwide. In Azerbaijan the program has been expanding since 1999, with three SEED general educational establishments (School No.160, European Baku Lyceum, and Dunay High School in Baku).

June Gloom

Gloom, June, San DiegoI am a native San Diegan, and I have lived here for all but 12 years of my life. Given that this city is considered to have the best weather on the planet, I have become spoiled for warm sunny days almost all year long.

Except in June.

CABIMAS, un ciudad de petróleo y arboles

El avión Solar Impulse II

El avión “Solar Impulse II”, el primero que dará la vuelta al mundo sin usar combustible, realizó el 02/06/2014 con éxito su primer vuelo de prueba.

Las Matemáticas son Hermosas

Escuela Bolivariana Don samuel, presente en el Concurso Ilustraciones SEED 2014

"Las Matemáticas son Hermosas"

First Day of School at QHS ends up a Success

SMILE! smiley

It has always been the reminder every  first day of school from the Philippine Department of Education.  Teachers are encouraged to smile, support or assist students during the first day of school as a form of warm welcome.

Science in the heights of Kawuku secondary school


With the great help of the Twig box got now we can say that science is getting to its heights and with the help of this box students are so happy about thes day's lessons we hope for the best.

Mr Emmanuel Mwesigwa introduces the twig box to the students and how it will help in uplifting science.

SEED 2014 Artwork Competition at Nguyen An Ninh School in Vung Tau


Cuidemos el Agua y Ambiente es por el bien de Todos


Los Estudiantes de 2do Año de la Unidad Educativa Alto BArinas Sur

Barinas Venezuela


Exposición y Demostración del uso adecuado del Agua y Cuidado del ambiente a través de charlas, conversatorios y talleres



Presentación de Prototipos y maquetas a la Comunidad Escolar

Alto Barinas Sur.

Barinas Venezuela