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A straw could save many lives!!!

Lifestraw Emergency Water Filter was lanched in 2005!!!

A World changing idea.

Have you already tested one? I didn't yet.


Всемирный день воды (водных ресурсов) 2014!

Всемирный день воды (водных ресурсов) 2014!

SEED Workshop @ Labuan

Hello again =D

I've uploaded a blogpost past few days about reading clinic at SMK Sungai Kertas,i made a mistake by writing it was held on 20th Feb where it should be on 6th Feb,hehehe....

Now,the event that held on 20th Feb was SEED Workshop at SMK Labuan, On the day, initially we plan to do Solar Water Heater and Math Puzzle but due to the weather is a bit cloudy so we change to Fruit Power and Math Puzzle,in the end we all do Fruit Power + Solar water Heater and Math Puzzle. We start around 9am and finish at 12.30pm.


Taller de SmartWired


Evidencias de la Prueba Nacional de Exploración Vocacional

Prueba Nacional de Exploración Vocacional, registro de Estudiantes. Y charlas de Inducción al SEED.


Inducción al SEED y Realización de la PNEV


Prueba Nacional de Exploración Vocacional, registro de Estudiantes. Y charlas de Inducción al SEED.


La sala SEED del LN “Dr. Raúl Cuenca”, presto sus instalaciones para la el Proceso de Presentación de la Prueba Nacional de Exploración Vocacional (PNEV 2014, la cual tiene como objetivo prestar orientación a los estudiantes para su mayor seguridad a su carrera futura a cursar.

2014 Artwork Program: Math is Beautiful!

SEED volunteers took the polls earlier this month. They cast their ballots for their favorite of three themes for this year's artwork competition.

  1. 2014: Year of the Teacher. A teacher’s inspiration can last a lifetime. How has your teacher influenced the choices you have made? Show us the impact that your teacher has had on you and the world around you.
  2. Math is Beautiful. There is more to math than just numbers. Patterns, shapes, and colors can lead to music, poetry, and art. In what ways can we see math’s inspiration in nature, in the Earth, and in our lives? Show us how math can be beautiful.
  3. The Earth’s Place in Space. The Earth is just one of an infinite number of planets, stars, comets, and other objects in the universe. What beauty lies beyond our atmosphere? What makes Earth unique in the universe?

The race was close, with the winning theme being just 15 votes away from the two runners up, which tied for second place.

And the winning theme for this year's artwork competition is...

Feb 2014 SEED Reading Clinic

It's been a while since our last reading clinic ,so on February 20th,we hold a SEED Reading Clinic at SMK Sungai Kertas.

Check out the photos that taken during the activitiy :)




Celebrate World Water Day at Your School

world water day, UN, seed, PlanetSEEDMarch 22nd is World Water Day. This is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of freshwater resources around your community and how they are being used. This year’s theme is water and energy. The United Nations (UN) intends to bring awareness to the link between water and energy. Many energy sources rely on water, particularly hydroelectric, nuclear, and geothermal power. And clean water relies on energy for treatment and transportation.