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What do you think is the best usage of SEED points?

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Plz respond to the question in the title. I would like to get your opinion for the benefit of new people. 

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Perhaps, SEED points are still best to be used in purchasing SEEDkits applicable to the requesting school.

Classes will remain interactive through those SEEDkits.

Thanks and good day, po!

- Rolan



This pic shows the usefulness of a Fruit Power Kit donated by SEED at Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines during the visit of Ma'am Corinne Damas-Sandiford and Sir Hafiz.

Rolando, is the kit hooked up to a computer? What is he looking at on the computer? I've never seen Fruit Power kit being set up this way .

Hi Ma'am Iryna! 

Many thanks, po, for responding to my post! The fruit power kit is just attached to the voltmeter to attest the presence of electricity in potatoes. Ian, the student inthe  picture above is looking at the computer while his presentation is going on using the fruit power kit.

Good da, po!

- Rolan (Philippines)

To my mind the SEED Points should be going directly to the schools for them to be able to order the material depending on the workshops they facilitate. I am ready to give my points and will write more blogs and be more active on planetseed to get more points to be able to give them again!

This is a best way to reward yourself for doing community service and in turn getting valuable SEED gifts.

My recommendation:

First, use your SEED points to acquire puzzle books and SEEDKits for your children. This is the best way of gift giving and encouraging your children.

Second, use your SEED points to donate to those who cannot afford. Get puzzle books and donate to the needy.

I agree. Although I think it is important to donate and give to others, i think people not too familiar with SEEDKITSm should order one for themselves and for their children to conduct an experiment. That way either you or even your child can take the SEEDKIT (as most of them are re-usable), to their school and "play" and "learn" along with other students.