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Life in Krasnoyarsk.

Krasnoyarsk is the third largest city in Siberia. Located on the Yenisei River, it is an important junction on the Trans-Siberian railway and one of Russia’s largest producers of aluminium.  Krasnoyarsk offers a unique view of a part of the world that remains undiscovered for most people. Living in Krasnoyarsk, understanding the cultural heritage and interacting with the native people, helps one touch the history of Siberia and clearly understand what it is nowadays.
Krasnoyarsk experiences subarctic climate that comes close to being classified as a humid continental climate, with  pleasant summers and severe winters. Krasnoyarsk has a few natural lakes in the neighborhood due to the nature of the terrain. Every visitor enjoys the beauty of each season around its great natural environment as well as the friendliness and warmth of the Siberian people, both of which are definitely unique, to this part of the world. Several historical buildings and churches dot the landscape of Krasnoyarsk. The culture is still preserved in several visible traces from the pre-90’s period and is noticeable by its unique architecture. In fact, the famous Russian dramatist and author, Anton Chekhov, judged Krasnoyarsk to be the most beautiful Siberian city. Krasnoyarsk is a modern city with several places of interest and entertainment.
For non-Russian speakers, the language (both written and spoken) could be an initial barrier to enjoy many pleasures that Siberia & Krasnoyarsk offer. At  first impression,  Russian may  seem like a difficult language to learn but after a few weeks of hearing the language and observing directions/signboards while exploring the city, one begins to understand that many complex Russian words are sometimes just simply refer to English words but in a different script (Cyrillic). As in any other part of the world, where English is not spoken as the first language, gaining a working knowledge of the language is the best way to  get familiar and understand the local culture and heritage better.
On the cultural front, there are a few theaters in Krasnoyarsk with various plays and dramas in repertoire.

Russian cuisine is much lighter than its eastern counterparts, neither too spicy nor enriched with exotic flavors, but it may be recognized by its distinct Russian flavoring.  Several types of soups compliment this in addition to the variety of appetizers, which can be found nowhere else but in Russia and that definitely helps warm the heart and the appetite, especially in the severe winter.

One of the major attractions in Krasnoyarsk is the Stolby, which is a unique national park with rock structures as high as 100 m and showing fantastic shapes. Stolby is a must-see for all visitors to Krasnoyarsk. The Krasnoyarsk Zoo and the museums are also major attractions for both residents and tourists. The park infrastructure is pretty good to provide leisure to all people, both young and old.

During the winter time, out-door activities like skiing are amongst the many recreational activities available. There are several well-equipped skiing tracks around the city with professional instructors   for amateurs.  Rock climbing at the Stolby is another famous sport. Krasnoyarsk is also considered a stronghold of the rugby union in Russia.

Living and working in Krasnoyarsk makes us recognize and appreciate the diversity. The Siberian experience is not just memorable for its contrast with the rest of the world but also because it leaves a pleasant and lasting impression on all who visit and live in Krasnoyasrk.


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Beautiful!! The picture of the bridge, with the ethereal frozen light, is especially stunning. I'm curious about what the "distinct Russian flavoring" would be...

Thank you for sharing! I did not realize how beautiful Krasnoyark is. The language should not be an issue for me (I speak Russian), so hopefully one day I will get a chance to visit Russia. I have never been outside of Ukraine and USA.

Gorgeous! I have read about this city many times because of SEED's activities there. Someday I would love to visit.