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December 04, 2001

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ReSEED Projects

How are you sharing your resources?
Activities conducted: - We have completed the training program for teachers in NOV? 2001. The details are shown below- Duration - (Weekly twice) - Course Content 3 hours - Paintbrush (To bring out their artistic skill) 3 hours. - Games. (To make learning more interesting) 3 hours.- Ms-Word. (Teach them how to make a document more presentable) 3 hours. - Ms-Excel. (Teach them to insert text in the form of table) 3 hours. - Internet surfing. (Give them exposure to the information technology)

Any problems incurred?
Difficulties faced: - Some teachers were acquainted with computer, but some were not. So we faced problems. How did we overcome: - but then we grouped them into 2, one who knew computers and other who were not exposed to it so far. As such it was better o

Ohter Information/Special Projects
Projects undertaken: - All the teachers have done wonderful projects on the topic they teach so as to make classroom teaching more interesting and lively. They prepared projects on Animal Kingdom, Community Helpers, Modes of transport, Shapes, etc.