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The Experts are the Schlumberger people behind the SEED Science Center—the ones who write the articles in Science Watch, develop the experiments in Science Lab and answer the questions you send to Ask the Experts. Find out how they first became interested in science and engineering, what they love about the work they do and how their careers developed.
Math Expert


Henry Edmundson Meet other Math Experts


"...would you believe that there are true statements in arithmetic that you can never prove…however much time you allow yourself?"

Alain KayoEarth & Space Sciences Expert


Alain KayoMeet other Earth & Space Experts


"My motivation is to see good work recognized, and this drives me to give the best that I can, both in my work and my daily life."

Claude BaudoinIT & Computer Sciences Expert


Claude BaudoinMeet other IT & Computer Sciences Experts


"'IT' is to the company what the plumbing and electricity are to a house."

Alexandre BaubertSports Expert


Alexandre BaubertMeet other Sports Experts


"In a constantly changing world, being immobile means going backwards."

Marieliz García-López de VictoriaLife Sciences Expert


Marieliz García-LópezMeet other Life Sciences Experts


"…that is when everything started for me, a 'simple' biochem project about enzymes. I had no clue about the paths I was about to travel."

Debora HallfordPetroleum Engineering Expert


Debora HallfordMeet other Petroleum Engineering Experts


"This is a career that demands on-the-job training and continuing education in order to keep pace with the needs and developing technology."

Valery PolyakovPhysical Science Expert


Valery PolyakovMeet other Physical Science Experts


"…oh, how fascinated I was by these machines that did as you told them!"

Anna RamshawMechanical & Civil Engineering Expert


Anna RamshawMeet other Mechanical & Civil Engineeering Experts


"Every country I’ve visited thus far has shown me that our world is beautiful and precious."