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climate change

How does climate change affect humans directly or indirectly?


Many people think it is a reality and can guess about its possible causes and impacts. If you have had an experience or have a story to tell us about how climate change is affecting us directly or indirectly, please share. 


HSE for Youth in SEED school, Kazakhstan!


Climate Change!

On the 27th of December, 2012, an environmental sminar on "Climate Change" took place in Kazakhstan, at the SEED school in Kyzyl Tobe 2  village, Aktau city. Leila Ybyraikyzy, KAZ/UZ Environmental Manager, and Charlie Moore, Aktau Account Manager, led the event.

Apples? No Apples? Depends on where you live.


Where I live, Autumn is the time that families go apple-and pumpkin-picking on weekends, in a fine example of agritourism. Really, there is nothing better than an apple fresh from the tree. But according to an article in my local paper, some of the orchards in my area have almost no apple harvest. The reason? The weather last spring.