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SEED INM: Anniversary Celebrations: Guruvarya Balaram Patil Vidyalaya, Nerul, Mumbai

It was on 26th January 2013 that SEED Mumbai first connected with the local community in Navi Mumbai in an effort to inspire, influence and enable educators. We did this with the inauguration of a Science Lab in Guruvarya Balaram Patil Vidyalaya, Nerul.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

san francisco, earthquakeMany people are afraid of earthquakes and they wonder what they are like.  I have lived in California for most of my life and I have experienced countless earthquakes.  The first one I remember occured when I was about 7 years old. It came in the middle of the night.  It woke me up, though I didn't realize that the whole room was shaking. I only remember hearing some banging noises on our piano. I thought in my disoriented state that my dad was playing the piano in the middle of the night. It turned out to be a big shaker, which knocked a bunch of books off of our shelves and onto the piano.

Music and My Mind

Brain, Wikipedia* At the recommendation of a friend, I recently read a new book called Power Foods for the Brain. In it, author Dr. Neil Barnard presents his theories on how to keep your memory sharp as you progress into older age.  For the most part, his advice coincides with commonly known tactics for remaining healthy in general. For instance: eat well, sleep well, and exercise. 

Double Yolk

eggs, double yolk, seed, PlanetSEED, breakfast, yumGrowing up in California where much of our country's produce is grown, I was no stranger to fresh fruits, healthy vegetables, and organic produce. My grandparents lived in Palm Springs, which is an inland oasis between San Diego and Los Angeles. They would visit us a few times every year, stopping along the way at local farms and small organic produce shops to pick up some delicacies for us.  My grandma would get especially excited over the eggs. She would bring us a flat of eggs (which carried 36 eggs on it), and each of them would be the size of a small fist. 

Water Challenge 2014

Water, Community Challenge, SEED, PlanetSEED

Water is our most precious resource. Our lives depend on having clean water to drink, and enough water to grow our food. This is why the United Nations declared March 22nd as World Water Day, and why SEED has created so many activities that revolve around water and its quality. Let us be reminded on this day and always how precious that resource is to all of us.

2014 Artwork Program: Math is Beautiful!

SEED volunteers took the polls earlier this month. They cast their ballots for their favorite of three themes for this year's artwork competition.

  1. 2014: Year of the Teacher. A teacher’s inspiration can last a lifetime. How has your teacher influenced the choices you have made? Show us the impact that your teacher has had on you and the world around you.
  2. Math is Beautiful. There is more to math than just numbers. Patterns, shapes, and colors can lead to music, poetry, and art. In what ways can we see math’s inspiration in nature, in the Earth, and in our lives? Show us how math can be beautiful.
  3. The Earth’s Place in Space. The Earth is just one of an infinite number of planets, stars, comets, and other objects in the universe. What beauty lies beyond our atmosphere? What makes Earth unique in the universe?

The race was close, with the winning theme being just 15 votes away from the two runners up, which tied for second place.

And the winning theme for this year's artwork competition is...