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En ligne A learning resource you should be using


Khan Academy is one of the best educational resources on the internet. Khan Academy offers tutorials in a wide range of courses from art history, to mathematics, to test prep. Khan Academy also has a partnership with other educational enterprises, like the British Museum.

The website allows you to use the videos that have been made to learn about these subjects. There are also teacher resources available. There is also a parent account you can make to sign up your child and to monitor their progress. The teacher account allows you to set up your own courses, too.

PlanetSEED Online Interactive Games


There are some great Online Interactive Games on  To find one of these Games, start at the PlanetSEED Home page.  Click on the Science tab, then on the left side bar, click on Learning Resources and then Games.  You see the list of Online Interactive Games in the lower right box.  Click on any of them to read an article that is background for the animation and then click on the link to the animation – and have FUN!

Lessons worth sharing


I found a very interesting link that is worth sharing:

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