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Fruit Power Workshop at Kawuku Secondary School


On 12th July 2013 we  held a fruit power  workshop with science teachers and students at Kawuku Secondary School in Kampala.

I (Volunteer), Tonny Semakula (Kawuku S.S chemistry teacher), Tom Sekajugo (Kawuku S.S physics teacher), and the students pictured attended this workshop.

The students were really amazed, and they understood how facts of science can help to improve our every day life.The task that was left to teachers and students was to generate a relatively larger power output compared to what we did.


It's a Fruit! No, it's a Potato with Power

My students hoped to conduct the fruit power experiment with our local citrus, dalandan.  Unfortunately, we lacked the pieces of dalandan to be used.  Hence, we decided to use potatoes.  Potatoes are not actually fruits. In biological terms, they are specialized stems.

The students enjoyed the experiment a lot and were actually amazed with the power of the potatoes to light a LED.

Please read my blogs for more details.


Fruit Power Experiment to be integrated in Chemistry Class


Hi everyone!

Tomorrow our Fruit Power Experiment will be integrated in my Chemistry Class.

Thanks to SEED for giving us all the kits.  I do hope that the kids will enjoy the experiment tomorrow.

We will be using dalandan and native potatoes in four sections in my chemistry class.

I published our previous experiment presented at YouthCaN 2011  at FB for the students procedural experiment.


Taller del Poder de Las Frutas Dr.Gilberto Rodriguez Ochoa


En el mes de Febrero, la profesora a cargo de la sala SEED Irene Amaya dicto un taller SEEDKIT en donde les demostro a sus estudiantes como funciona  la electricidad en las frutas con el seedkt Poder de las Frutas.

Fue dirigido por la prof. Irene Amaya y el Profesor Edgar Navarro.

Hubo una participacion de 36 estudiantes. Fue Dada en dos tandar.

Los estudiantes se mostraron muy interesado.

A Not So Normal Day at the Office!


The Power of Fruit!

Yesterday was a step outside of normal for the SEED office in Sugar Land, Texas. 

Normally our work days consist of ordering supplies for workshops, communicating with coordinators, making SEEDKITS, lots of international phone calls, and planning for the future of SEED.  Today...we had actual, live, breathing students take over our SEED Lab!



Núm. de Participantes:

10 Estudiantes de la ETI Mtro. José Paz González

 8  Estudiantes invitados de la EBN Mtro. Jesús Ferrer Materán

3 Maestros 

3 Colaboradores (Schlumberger)

El 23 de Noviembre de 2012, se dió inicio en la Escuela Técnica Industrial Mtro. José Paz González  Los talleres  sobre:

Country for the young - 7 years after SEEDed


Over the Easter Break, I flew back to China and visited a SEED school for the first time.

Fruit Power Workshop in Brazil - August and September 2010


A total of ten workshops took place throughout Brazil. We used the SEED kit “Fruit Power” in eight of the events in order to help students to learn more about electricity. The volunteers and the students were also able to build a battery using lemons.

The other workshop used the “Connected Wisdom” SEED Kit, which teaches students how to explore the relationship between systemic thought, nature and folk tales from around the world.

Follow some volunteers testimonials: