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Home Sweet Home - My Refuge

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My refuge

I imagine a mass of heavy air
while I am at my refuge preparing for my next exploration
I try to capture it with my hands
it is full of those moments from the past
and I catch them and bring them with me now
while I prepare my expedition
dragging them into my present
and for a while I escaped from them and simply enjoy this instant, the present at my refuge

this moment is brilliant
right there
while I am at my refuge
where all my dreams meet eternity
while I prepare the next exploration
I capture the air and I bring it into my heart

This is my home sweet home, my refuge, the source of my calm the place that motivates me to go out and see and explore...

Manuel Sanchez-Alvarez

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Manuel, my home is also my refuge... I identify very much with your feelings. Thanks for sharing!

Very beautifully said... and it is true!

Thank you!