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What makes a successful science student?

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Carolina Bermúdez Aguirre: La investigación, el no conformarse con lo poco que se pueda encontrar.

Rolando Barcelon: A successful science student is tracked not with the science grade he/she receives but with his/her well-founded decisions in life. A flourishing life or status that he/she enjoys at the moment corroborates with a successful science student.

Iman Fikry: A successful science teacher with facilities; materials without an active teacher are nothing.

Jacqueline M. Sonza: A successful science student is the one that can apply scientific concepts into his/her daily life.

Ester Castro: A student who is diligent and compassionate in his/her work and studies.

Edward Alexis Pacheco: El impulso y motivación que le den sus padres y docentes.

Angela Andrea Alba Villamil: El interés por estudiar los fenómenos y la ayuda del docente por despertar a diario la curiosidad científica en los estudiantes.

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I like the idea of applying  scientific concepts into the student's life.  I remember the science classes that I loved most as a child were the ones where the teacher would tie science experiments to our everyday lives.  Does anyone have an example of science concepts or activities that they find useful in their daily lives?