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Лицей №2 г. Южно-Сахалинск

   На базе МБОУ Лицея №2 г. Южно-Сахалинска 5-7 ноября 2013 года состоится V областной научно-практический семинар по теме «Рациональное использование и охрана водных биоресурсов» в рамках некоммерческой образовательной программы SEED компании Шлюмберже. Целевой аудиторией заявлены 70 учащихся и учителей из 18 общеобразовательных школ области. В программе семинара запланированы экскурсии на рыборазводный завод и в САХНИРО, в процессе исследования проблемы участники создадут и защитят тематический проект.

Artwork Final Selection in Paris... a hard choice indeed!



On the 8th of October, 2013, the Artwork was shown inside the Schlumberger office Rue Saint Dominique in Paris, France.










Wondrous Water


water, leidenfrost effectIt's nearly 8:30pm. My kids are in bed. My cats are asleep. I am more than ready for bed. But I couldn't pull myself away from my computer.  Many nights I regret when this happens because I end up going to bed too late with my brain fried. But tonight I learned something new, and it's really cool. It was worth it to stay up extra late to see this video about the Leidenfrost effect.

Gray Squirrel, Brown Squirrel?


Gray squirrel, gray squirrel, swish your bushy tail . . . (famous children's song)

Just about every young child around here learns that song in preschool. But are all gray squirrels really gray? I have noticed some color variations in the past few years, and that got me wondering.

“Home, Sweet Home” hosted by the Houston Museum of Natural Science


SEED invites you to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land for the first live artwork exhibition!

SEED invites you to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land for the first live artwork exhibition! 

Learning a new language and a new culture


Chinese, Dragon, lion Dance, school, America, seed, planetseedMy son entered kindergarten this year.  He is attending a Mandarin immersion program at school, which means he is taught basic subjects (math, history, science, art, culture, etc) in Chinese for 80% of the day, and he learns English (reading, writing, speaking) for 20% of the day.  It has been one month since he started and already he is speaking and thinking in Chinese.  He comes home every day with a new word that he has learned. Lately it is a whole set of words.  He can say "Hello, my name is Texas and I am 5 years old." It is amazing that he picks it up so quickly.

Fruit Power Workshop - Jose Calil Filho 13 de Setembro de 2013



No dia 13 de Setembro, tivemos uma manhã maravilhosa com os alunos do 4º ano do colégio José Calil Filho, em Macaé.

A message to the SEED Coordinators around the WORLD!


Dear SEED Coordinators,

I am writing this open public letter to share with you a wonderful initiative I saw two weeks ago in the corridor of the SEED Lab in Sugar Land, Houston, Texas.

I was wondering if you would dare to do the same in your corridors so that more Schlumberger employees and families get inspired by The Amazing Puzzle Book from SEED!!!

Are you connected?



Hi everybody,

Just watched this great inspirational video starring Educators. I loved it!

And what about you? Are you a connected Educator, a connected Teacher, or a connected Student?





Monday, THINK ABOUT! Creativity?


What is your definition of Creativity?

For some it might be problem solving, for others the expression of their emotions. The list can go on...