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Tons of Happiness Celebrated this August 2013

One of the most happy days celebrated in a year is probably the date of birth of a person.

Culture of a country defines it well. In some countries, friends, relatives, and closed family members commemorate it by giving or sharing their blessings to the celebrators.


Exposeed 2013 en Occidente de Venezuela


Con la culminacion del año escolar , se realizo la demostración de proyectos elaborados por alumnos del Occidente de Venezuela.

Los proyectos  presentados
1.- Proceso de fabricación de Pulpa de Papel utilizando la                 E.T.C Hermágoras  Chavez – (Cabimas)
técnica del Papel Maché,  como estrategia de reciclaje y
financiamiento de proyectos.

Autumn is Around the Corner

The signs of Autumn are subtle but here. Little patches of red and yellow started appearing in the tops of trees in mid-August. Now I am noticing that I can see further into the woods when I look for what my dog is barking at—leaves are falling off the underbrush. Last week I noticed leaves falling off trees. Acorns are hitting my roof.

I love fruit

Fruit, apples, love, PlanetSEEDI love fruit.  I love fresh fruit espeically.  My father has a beautiful garden at his house. We group up with an assortment of fresh fruits, like oranges, lemons, blackberries, avocados (if you consider that a fruit), plums, apricots, peaches, tangerines, tangelos, grapefruit, and more.  My dad has a green thumb, so much of the fruit he grows is exotic for our locale.  Nobody had heard of an etrog growing up, but we had them in our kitchen.  While my friends were eating boring old apples (which I also love, of course), we were enjoying chirimoyas. 

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Telescope on the Scope (August 25)

On August 25, 1609, Galileo presented to the public his first telescope that revolutionized space exploration.


Mother Teresa's Birthday (August 26)

                       Today people of the world commemorates Mother Teresa's birthday.  

Thurber applies Patent

                  Before the desktop computer age,  typewriters played an important role in the office.  Communications or documents were made through that machine.  Secretaries memorized all the keys present in the typewriter.  

Bonaparte shares Something



 Amazing Rocks Photo at Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines arranged by Sir Carlos Paglicawan, TLE Teacher


            What do see in the photo above?  

PH celebrates National Heroes Day

There's nothing more blessed than staying in a free country.  Today, Filipinos celebrate NATIONAL HEROES DAY, August 26, 2013.  

On August 23, 1896,  It marked the raising of the KATIPUNAN FLAG  that started the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards.  It was led by Andres Bonifacio, THE SUPREMO at Balintawak calling it as CRY OF BALINTAWAK and later referred to as CRY OF PUGAD LAWIN.  Also, that day, KATIPUNEROS tore their COMMUNITY TAX CERTIFICATES to signify defiance against the Spanish authorities.