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Phonebloks Community + Motorola Engineers making stuff!

Any idea on how Schlumberger and the SEED Community could be part of such a project?

Chuchu, Taioba or Jilo... just pick up!



Once upon a time in Dona Clarice’s garden in the middle of the Tijuca Floresta in Rio de Janeiro, there were many sources of vitamins one could find and enjoy daily.

My first SEED School Workshop


On 31 October, Schlumberger Kuala Lumpur office finally arranged a school workshop that I could participate in. The previous workshop planned was canceled due to terrible haze. For safety reasons the event was rescheduled for  last week.

Around 10 volunteers from the KL office, including a vacation trainee, started our event at about 9am. The workshop was organized in a KL SEED school, Sekolah Menengah Bandar Sunway.

Science Dept. conducts Special Meeting Today


The Science Department of Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines conducts a special meeting today with the members of the department.

Mrs. Carolyn Simon, the Department Head (Head Teacher III) of the Science Department called the meeting to order at 3:20 p.m. (of November 4, 2013).

The meeting focused on the

                  A.  outline and deadline of submitting the teacher's portfolio for the first semester of S.Y. 2013-2014 to be on the last week of November;

My SEED points turn to a reality


SEED point, I thought it's just an abstract thing for SEED as earned through joining SEED activities and others online.  But, just today, SEEDs became reality as we receive Viscosity SEEDkit, artwork package, amazing science and puzzle books - ALL SENT THROUGH DHL.

Thank you so much SEED for all the opportunities and blessings shared to Quirino High School family, Quezon City, Philippines. 


God bless us all!

QHS Family



This time it turned out perfectly!  My kids thought it was so amazing. The best tip is to add the Borax mixture a teaspoon at a time.  Here are the directions I followed this time.

Night Blooming Cereus


night blooming cereus, seed, planetseed, flowerMy parents have always had a fondness for night blooming Cereus plants.  I remember them from when I was a little girl.  They're a cactus, but not your typical "Arizona desert" cactus.  They don't have spines, to begin with.  They have long gangly arms and grow and flare wildly from the base.  We must have had 3 or 4 plants scattered throughout our garden while I was growing up.

Why we have Daylight saving time


Why we have Daylight saving time








2013-2014 Artwork Competition Results!


Since 1998, students at SEED schools have been invited to express their artistic and creative talents in themes of science, nature, and diversity. Every year we receive amazing works of art that tell us how SEED students see the world. 

This year's theme was "The Earth: Above and Below".  There is more to our planet than what we see on its surface. What beauty, what creatures, and what mysteries can be found in the depths of our oceans or the crevices beneath our feet? How does subsurface Earth compare with what you see above ground?