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                             I'm a new member here in the new website of SEED. I was able to have an account in the old site but since that there's a new one, I registered for it. Unlike the old site, I learned that this new site is able to get reactions or comments from different people or members here in SEED. Whether they are students, teachers, volunteers or members. They can hear from you by posting your blog, forums and many more!!! This is amazing. But I'm kinda having some problem here in the new site. I can't log in well even if I registered a week or two ago. It was said that I can only log in if I'm already approved by the admin. So I need to wait. The reason why I am able to post a blog here (right now) is because I requested a new password so that I can log in even for just a short time or temporarily. Wish I could get help from the other members here and guide us newbies. I don't even know how to get a profile picture. Thank you SEED for giving an opportunity to us Filipinos to be a part of this amazing organization! Thank you for nurturing our minds of knowledge! We will transmit it so that everyone will benefit for it!


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