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Home Sweet Home


Home sweet home.

Close your eyes. Imagine this: someone you know has been given the most palatial, the most incredibly beautiful house. For free. No strings attached. From this point forward, that will be the person’s home.

Imagine people tearing down this house piece by piece, treating the house simultaneously as a personal bank machine and a dumping ground; staking claim to it for profit and greed.

Imagine it was your house. What would you do?

Project Help Needed: In Our Hands


While in Taiji, I had the tremendous pleasure to meet a young woman from Australia called Nicole Mclachlan. She stood side by side with me in documenting the atrocities committed against dolphins in the small little town in Japan. Nicole is passionate about protecting the oceans for future generations and translates this passion in to a project she started called In Our Hands. I am proud to call her a friend.

A Place Called Taiji


I cannot unsee what I saw. The banging of a metal pole which signifies death; the violent splashing of water which indicates panic and pain; the torturous final screams - it wakes me up night after night and throws me unwillingly head first into reality. It's a reality that in a two-week period changed who I was. Life would never be normal again.

Taiji Or Bust


This year has been an odd year. I have had some horrible low points and I had some of my dreams fulfilled.