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PlanetSEED Aracaju e Macaé


Feira PlanetSEED!

Os eventos aconteceram em duas cidades do Brasil, Aracaju em 16 de agosto e Macaé em 20 de Setembro.

abaixo segue um pouco sobre as intençoes da feira e o que foi por nós desenvolvido:

Pièce jointe : 

Reading Workshop and Lecture in Brazil - June 2011


In the month of June we had two types of events happening in SEED schools in Brazil. Unfortunately we do not do all the workshops in schools, because some were on strike. Soon we will post more information on how the workshop was!

Here is a brief about what happened in each event:

Fruit Power Workshop in Brazil - August and September 2010


A total of ten workshops took place throughout Brazil. We used the SEED kit “Fruit Power” in eight of the events in order to help students to learn more about electricity. The volunteers and the students were also able to build a battery using lemons.

The other workshop used the “Connected Wisdom” SEED Kit, which teaches students how to explore the relationship between systemic thought, nature and folk tales from around the world.

Follow some volunteers testimonials:

Connected Wisdom Workshop in Brazil - October 2010


On October 14th, 2010 a workshop was held at the Institute of Pediatrics Matagão Gesteira, using the SEEDKIT Connected Wisdom. The institute is located in Rio de Janeiro and it is specialized in the treatment of children with cancer.

Volunteers Clarice Lomba, Diogo Alvim, Irving Naves, Mariana Mesquita and Varinia Boggino led the workshop which was attended by about 10 children accompanied by adults. They used Tales from the book of "Connected Wisdom”, through which the children were able to learn more about living systems.

Water Testing Workshop in Brazil - October and November 2010


Our objective with this workshop was to educate students in a relaxed way about the need to
preserve this important resource called water.

SEED workshops in brazil


This month we are working on some SEED workshops in Brazil!