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mars 2012

What is causing the erratic weather?


A number of times I have posted about the unusal weather we have had, from the late Fall snowstorm to the warm dry winter and early Spring—which has retreated a bit here in the Northeast, as this week has seen more normal temperatures and even a hard frost. According to an article in Wednesday's New York Times, scientist are looking at the Arctic ice as possible reason for the change.

Thanks for such great opportunity initially, Sir Nathan!


On behalf of Quirino High School Family, Philippines,

we wish to extend our sincere thanks to Sir Nathan Bellomy

for the great opportunity and assistance during our trial video conferencing

from American Museum of Natural History, New York City, to Quirino High School. Philippines, last 

March 28, 9:00 p.m. (Phil. time).

The trial seemed great/successful! We're so lucky/fortunate and privileged to see Sir Nathan via SKYPE.

Выездной семинар SEED по исследованию качества воды в озере Байкал!


Выездной семинар SEED по исследованию качества воды  в озере Байкал!Выездной семинар SEED по исследованию качества воды  в озере Байкал!Выездной семинар SEED по исследованию качества воды  в озере Байкал!Выездной семинар SEED по исследованию качества воды  в озере Байкал!Выездной семинар SEED по исследованию качества воды  в озере Байкал!

Let's Shake on That!


I'd be interested in learning how anyone solved the puzzle "Let's Shake on That!" The puzzle is on pages 9-10 of The Amazing Puzzle Book from SEED, and is also online: /mathpuzzles/let-s-shake



YouthCan 2012


Hi everyone!


So, just to let you guys know, the 2012 YouthCan conference is just around the corner! Matter fact, it's this weekend! It will be held on the 31st of March until 2nd April at the American Museum of Natural History. It is estimated that 1200 participants from various countries around the world will be attending the conference. I'm nervous!  Yet i'm so excited! :) I will be joining Annette and Susan, our awesome SEED coordinators in New York at the conference.

SEED School Dominating Youthcan 2012


Youthcan Conference 2012 is just few days away. Students and teacher busy touching up their prototype and looking forward for the video conference event. 

5 SEED connected schools from Malaysia and Philippines are dominating Youthcan 2012 with lineup of amazing and creative science presentation as below: 


1) "Air Quality & Purification Technology" by SMK Sungai Kertas

2) "Flood Management & Water Treatment Process (FLOMP)" by SMK Taman Keramat

La energía limpia que viene del mar


La energía limpia que viene del mar, una noticia que demuestra las posibilidades de generar energia limipia y renovable, sin daños contaminantes el medio ambiente, quedando expuesto una vez mas que no debemos depender unicamente de energia fosil, un gran potencial en explotar energia mareomotriz se ha demostrado en Europa al incorporarlo como alternativa  a la red de electricidad comercial.


Projects in your school

Presents the projects they have done in your school, community and shares PlaneetSEED knowledge, experience and skills in robotics.


Traduccion en español:

Presenta los proyectos que han realizado en tu escuela, a la comunidad PlaneetSEED y comparte los conocimientos, experiencias y habilidades en robotica.


Elizer Diaz

A Potpourri of Potentials of the Potato


GLIMPSE from the past…

Potato Everyday
Potato Energy
A Potpourri of Potentials

I’ve noticed that for most of the viands served everyday in the restaurants and in the homes sinigang, adobo, paksiw, nilaga, and the like, the presence of a potato is there.