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Why doesn't diamond melt in lava?

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Why doesn't diamond melt in lava?

Why doesn't diamond melt in lava?


Diamonds do not melt in lava because lava is not hot enough. Molten lava has a temperature in the range of 750degC – 1250degC.

Diamond has the highest melting point of all known material. Diamonds melt at around 3550degC and boil at 4800degC.

The normal temperature of molten lava is about 750degC. Even the hottest lava, the Archaean (over 2,500 million years old) Komatiite lava, is only about 1600degC which is well below the melting point of diamonds.

Komatiite is an "ultramafic" rock, containing much less silica than most rocks on Earth and high concentrations of Magnesium, Nickel and other elements. Read more about Komatiite at Wikepedia