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Conserving energy at school

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Conserving energy at school

how to conserve energy at school


There are many ways to conserve energy at school. Several can be done by you and your fellow students and other things can be done by the School management.

Things that you can do include:
- Turning off lights that do not need to be on.
- Turning off water taps after use.
- Turn off computers and other electronic appliances when they are not in use.
- Closing blinds in hot weather to block heat from the sun.
- Keeping doors and windows closed if an air conditioner is on.
- Putting-on warm clothes rather than turning up a heater.

Things that the School can do include:
- Cleaning lamps and light fixtures regularly.
- Installing low-energy light bulbs.
- Using very low energy systems for permanent lights (e.g. emergency lights and exit signs).
- Fixing leaking water taps.
- Cleaning and maintaining heating and air-conditioning equipment.
- Buying low-energy machines (e.g. computer screens, printers, copiers).
- Reducing hot water temperature and raising air-conditioning temperature.
- Putting timers on equipment not needed overnight.
- Shutting systems down during vacations.

Look at on the SEED Web site for information and ideas on energy efficiency.

There are several other web sites with recommendations and examples, including and