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"How many of you like rythm?"

A great lesson indeed!!!


Looking for malaria hunters...!!! Go and play to hunt the parasites!


The Citizen participations in scientific projects are growing every day. Let me share with you a very ASTONISHING ONE!

An AMAZING GAME to hunt the parasites and get a malaria diagnosis: MalariaSpot

Davos 2014 Press conference Circular Economy Launch, Ellen MacArthur


Recently, I got very inspired by the former yachtswoman and founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

I think her vision is going to be a great discussion in the next five years and I believe a collaborative effort towards actions.

First pizza sent into the Cosmos!


Some Lithuanian students got a brilliant idea to send the first pizza into the cosmos. Watch the video and get inspired to replicate the experiment with one of your teachers or with your students. Would you dare to share your experiment with the SEED Community?




Ashoka's Start Empathy Initiative



“School is not just about conveying content, it’s about developing skills and capacities.”






"You can go to a real school now."



"You can go to a real school now." This was what Shabana's father told his daughter.

Watch and share this very inspirational video. Sometimes, it is good to remember how lucky we are and take action every day to help others to achieve their dreams too.



What do you want to be when you grow up?


What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be happy! That was my answer too when I was a child.

 The Science of Being Happy and Healthy should be spread every day around.

Great student's presentation indeed. A must see video and a must share too!