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Home Sweet Home

2012-2013 Artwork Competition Results!


Since 1998, students at SEED schools have been invited to express their artistic and creative talents in themes of science, nature, and diversity. Every year we receive amazing works of art that tell us how SEED students see the world.  

Concurso de dibujo Hogar Dulce Hogar


Los Alumnos de la Escuela Bolivariana Don Samuel se mostraron muy entusiasmados ante la propuesta de concursar con estudiantes de  43 paises y poder mostrarles su hogar,.. su mundo!!!



I realize each day that my most beautiful home is inside myself. This is where I can reflect, look back, live now and long for the future. Only when I feel connected with my inner home I am at home.

At the end of the day, we are all together on the same journey. You might have different experiences and different stories or similar experiences and similar stories. You and me together is what makes me home.

Home Sweet Home - My Refuge


My refuge

I imagine a mass of heavy air
while I am at my refuge preparing for my next exploration
I try to capture it with my hands
it is full of those moments from the past
and I catch them and bring them with me now
while I prepare my expedition
dragging them into my present
and for a while I escaped from them and simply enjoy this instant, the present at my refuge

Hogar Dulce Hogar - Home Sweet Home


My home sweet home ... possesses from snowy mountains to arid deserts and visit the best beaches and spectacular cities, throughout the year Hallacas also eat at Christmas, any day and Cachapas pavilion at family gatherings. Thank God for letting me live in my home, Venezuela.

Home Sweet Home !!!


Home, the spot of earth supremely blest a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.The word “HOME” reminds me the food cooked by mom the most. Living in hostel since age of 9 year, I can better understand the importance of home in my life. Going back to home during vacations is always a refreshing and relaxing to mind & health. My home is not made of brick walls but of love & affection of family, blessings of parents and fighting of siblings.