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Science Festival in Caen: success still confirmed

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For two days in October 2011, SEED and the Schlumberger Museum of Crevecoeur Foundation participated in the French national event “Fête de la Sciences” (Festival of Sciences) at Caen, France.

SEED has been collaborating with the museum for five years. Together, we have participated in “Fete de la Sciences” four times.


During the 2-days sciences expo, I joined museum staff Christophe, Florence, and Nathalie to welcome the public at a SEED and Museum science booth.


The event overall was as other years an incredible success.

Fête de la Sciences was opened to a larger audience for two days, during which the SEED booth welcomed more than 850 people, from 10 Am to 6 PM. It was intense! And objectively close to saturation.  Many visitors asked questions about oil exploration and then participated in our science activity. 


Year after year this collaboration between SEED and the Museum and now Schlumberger has remained a great success; indeed, it is a fruitful partnership that we hope will continue for many years to come.




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