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Reported Live Update - SEED National Camp Malaysia 2011

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"What are the ideas to create a robot to save time?"

"How can we save more energy from this project?"

... ...

Discussions are now flying around the A'Famosa Resort's Conference room. These are the questions from the enthusiastic high school students who are now participating in SEED National Workshop 2011. It is a great pleasure for Schlumberger to have them. We have learned to see things from a new prospective from all these young participants.

The SEED workshop has progressed into day 2 at Melacca's A'Famosa Resort. Participants and organizers are all sharing the fun provided by Roger in the robotics workshop. Roger is the electrical and electronics professor who came all the way from a university in Thailand to help out in this SEED workshop. All the students are enjoying his session, laughing at his jokes about technology and, hopefully, cultivating an interest in engineering.

As the SEED worskhop is becoming more fun and exciting, the organizer is hoping to have a vigorous competition among the students to see their creative ideas. Tthe students will present their ideas and also execute them later on in this workshop. Keep following the blog on the SEED National Workshop 2011 to see who will be the greatest inventor in this workshop. As Jehan said: :" We will have the greatest team representing Malaysia in the international activities and prove that Malaysian rocks!!!"



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This is great! I am excited to learn about the new inventions these students will create!

Congratulations to all. YOU are very inspiring! Can't wait to see videos!

THANK You for sharing your ideas and your passion.


I cannot wait to hear more about the competition, and the innovative ideas from those participating!

Congratulations to all. Please send us more pictures and workshop notes (projects, results, teamwork...) Thank you!

What a wonderful workshop! When can we see more pictures?


It sounds like an incredible event!!!!  I want to see more pictures.

I heard that one of our favorite ex-Brazil volunteers Varinia attended this event and participated as a judge.  Do you think she could help arrange a collaborative project between students in Malaysia and students in Brazil?  Perhaps the Brazil coordinators could help.  How great it would be for these two magnificent countries to share their stories and their science interests?!