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Marzo 2012

Happy Pi Day....


Pi Day is a holiday that aims to commemorate the widely used mathematical constant known as pi. This holiday is celebrated once in a year on the date that corresponds to  the numerical value of pi, which is 314.

charla de seguridad, higiene y ambiente (SHA)


Charla de Seguridad Higiene y Ambiente dictada por voluntarios Schlumberger Venezuela, S.A, a través del departamento de desarrollo social, se realizo  el tópico de Educación Vial dirigido a los Estudiantes de educación media y  especialidades: electromedicina, traumatología y ortopedia, deporte y recreación, laboratorio clínico, inspección sanitaria y administración de servicio,  de la Escuela Técnica Robinsoniana Asistencial Dr Gilberto Rodríguez Ochoa. Ya que La Educación vial tiene por objeto desarrollar en el ciudadano en su condición de conductor, pasajero o peatón las aptitudes, destrezas, hábitos y el interés necesario para que disponga de mayor pericia, conocimiento, equilibrio mental; actúe de manera inteligente y razonable; comprenda y respete las leyes, reglamentos y normas vigentes de tránsito y transporte terrestre y así contribuya a prevenir y evitar accidentes viales


2012 - Robotics Workshop - Surgut - May 28

Taller de colaboración
Fecha del evento: 
28/05/2012 (Todo el día)
Location(s) of Event: 

A SEED School Robotics Workshop on the topic "Water and Its Ecology" for students and teachers from 7 schools in Surgut and Nefteyugansk will take place on 28-29 May 2012.

Jupiter and Venus in the Night Sky


Have you noticed two bright objects in the western sky after sunset? Have you noticed them get closer and closer since the start of the year?

YouthCaN Event Final Selection


Hello Everyone!

We are very happy to share with you the Final SEED schools selection for the YouthCaN Event.

Viva Malaysia and the Philippines!

THANK YOU to all who submitted their applications.

For the one who were not selected this year please be ready for next year.

For now, join the conference online and watch the participants live!



The Event online:


Visitor or Resident?


This morning while waiting for the school bus to pick up my son, I heard the familar honking of Canada geese. I am used to seeing the local flocks of 10 or so geese flying from the Housatonic River in the center of town to the pond near our house, or onto the wide lawns of the private school just around the corner.

Merci Soleil !


Je trouve cela extra de pouvoir recharger son téléphone sans chargeur.





Il s'agit de la nouvelle technologie du panneau solaire transparent.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Listening In


Like most parents these days, we had a baby monitor* in our son’s room when he was little. Besides telling us what snuffles, sniffles, and snores our son made while he slept, the monitor also turned out to be an ear into the woods around us.