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October 2011

Sustainable means of transport

The Portuguese architect Tiago Barros may have created the most sustainable means of transport ever!!!

Bags for Everyday Living

I love reusable bags. I use the ones from my supermarket all the time, whether it is to carry food to a party, or small packages to the post office. I especially like the fact that my supermarket gives me a nickel back for every bag that I bring in myself and use right then and there. The trick has always been remembering to bring them into the store. Numerous times I have found myself on line to pay, and suddenly I remember those bags … sitting in the car, or hanging out on my counter at home. I have gotten better about bringing my reusable bags to the supermarket, mostly because I leave them in my purse or computer case at all times.


Having organized a few of SEED's SEEDKIT webinars, it got me thinking about what webinars are.

I attended my first SEED webinar in May, which was about the Solar Water Heater and was conducted in Spanish. I could not understand much, but it was interesting to see, and there was a lot of participation.

Talking the talk, walking the walk, and drinking the drink at SEED

The first time I met SEED's Founder and Director Simone Amber in 2006 I was impressed by her recognizable passion for science and learning, and her genuine intent to solve global issues, like providing accessible drinking water to everyone in third world countries and reducing the human impact on climate change.  She spoke eloquently and personally about giving children the right tools and support to find their own solutions for localized versions of these global issues.

Calendars and holidays

Dear SEED, How do the lunar calendar and the Christian calendar stay on track with each other every year? Why do holidays and dates that coincide with the lunar year (such as Hanukah) always remain at the same time of year (but on different dates)? Won't they ever fall off track and end up, for instance, in July?

Why is it important for students to learn science? Is it important for them to like science?

Rolando Barcelon: Science is both a body of knowledge and a process. The knowledge gained throughout the course of learning aids what best process may fit to particular decisions in life. Therefore, topics such as safety, longer lifespan, and hands-on activities are a great advantage.

It is important for students to like science.

Learn how to embed a YouTube video on

Learn how to embed a YouTube video on

PlanetSEED Aracaju e Macaé

Feira PlanetSEED!

Os eventos aconteceram em duas cidades do Brasil, Aracaju em 16 de agosto e Macaé em 20 de Setembro.

abaixo segue um pouco sobre as intençoes da feira e o que foi por nós desenvolvido:

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