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Connected Wisdom Online Training Course

Connected Wisdom and Systems Thinking Online Training Course
For teachers, volunteers, and coordinators preparing Connected Wisdom workshops

Introduction to Connected Wisdom

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Module 1: Systems, Living Systems, and Connected Wisdom
Module 2: Seeing Systems
Module 3: Using Living Systems in the Classroom, Chapter 1-2
Module 4: Principles and Folktales, Chapters 3-5
Module 5: Principles and Folktales, Chapters 6-8
Module 6: Principles and Folktales, Chapters 9-10
Module 7: Principles and Folktalkes, Chapters 11-12
Module 8: Recognizing Living Systems

Living systems are all around us. We call something a living system if there are two or more animate parts and process that interact over time, usually within some boundary. Living systems are everywhere, in nature, your body, your family, your organization, or your country. Connected Wisdom uses the myths and tales of ancient Greeks, early Africans, fifth-century Chinese philosophers, or Buddhist masters or from the sages of Native American and other cultures to help you understand 12 of the principles that guide living systems.

This training course is designed to help you understand the principles of living systems and systems thinking. You can then teach your students to “think about systems," as a way to both deepen their understanding of subjects such as history and science, and also as a way to explore complex problems.

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We recommend that you have a copy of Connected Wisdom to use during this course. Connected Wisdom is available in paperback, audio book, and e-book formats.

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