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Amazing moon


What an amazing sky to see a happy moon with glowing ring! It is by far, my first time to see a moon surrounded by great ring tonight, January 13, 2013. If I could remember well, my grandparents always associate astronomical events to future happenings of the country or even to anybody who can witness the event. It is usually a great time for my grandparents to open different stories, horror events, and more when I was a child. I suppose, tonight's moon appearance is an omen of an abundant and lucky year for all of us.

Third Periodical Exam comes this Week

QHS sets January 10 and 11, 2014 as the Third Periodical Test in all year levels.

The students are ready now with the test.  In fact, they actively participate on the test's review hours.

The Third Periodical Test Schedule, S.Y. 2013-2014

Good luck and God bless to of you guys!


QHS sets EFT this January 25

Greatest adventure creates unforgettable stories!

Field trip has always been an exciting thing to do especially with friends or relatives.
There are lots of unforgettable moments, stories and or experiences that you can share to others and to your beloved ones.

And that, join the Quirino High School educational field trip this coming January 25.

PE uniform is the defined attire during the trip.

Assembly time, 5:30 a.m. at the QHS Covered Court.

See all guys!

Science Dept. conducts Special Meeting Today

The Science Department of Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines conducts a special meeting today with the members of the department.

Mrs. Carolyn Simon, the Department Head (Head Teacher III) of the Science Department called the meeting to order at 3:20 p.m. (of November 4, 2013).

The meeting focused on the

                  A.  outline and deadline of submitting the teacher's portfolio for the first semester of S.Y. 2013-2014 to be on the last week of November;

My SEED points turn to a reality

SEED point, I thought it's just an abstract thing for SEED as earned through joining SEED activities and others online.  But, just today, SEEDs became reality as we receive Viscosity SEEDkit, artwork package, amazing science and puzzle books - ALL SENT THROUGH DHL.

Thank you so much SEED for all the opportunities and blessings shared to Quirino High School family, Quezon City, Philippines. 


God bless us all!

QHS Family

A Gift to SEED from QHS Philippines

Acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name.  In most cases in writing, acronyms help people to remember things.  They serve as mnemonics to things which they love most or whatever.  

Examples of acronyms are the ROY G. BIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) which in purpose, to memorize the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum in just 10 or 20 seconds; and another is, the very well known HIV which stands as Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

My Favorite Class Song: Trading My Sorrows

Songs, most of the time are stress relievers.  Songs relieve many kinds of pains and stresses in life.  Hence, just sing a song if you have problems in life or inside the class.

As a teacher, before I have to start my lesson, I require my students to sing a song - praise song.  The students soon to love the song.

One of my favorite songs is the - TRADING MY SORROWS.  I'm so happy that, one of the groups had sang this song coupled with actions during the culminating program of the Science Department just today.

A Proud Teacher

To encourage students to study harder is a tough task to do.  Some students at this time, go to school just to satisfy the attendance needed by the their teachers.  Competitiveness inside the class sometimes is not observed by some students.

Hence, I'm so blessed to have the following students who have strived hard in order to win a competition, although I am holding lower classes.

CONGRATULATIONS to all my students who won the contest as below:

QHS Wins Award

Division of Quezon City schools is composed of 46 regular high schools.  Schools come to compete each other during Science Month - September 2013.

The result shows this picture - positive points for all Quirinians:



GOD BLESS us all!



A Garden of Thanks flows from QHS Family, Philippines

Picture paints a thousand words.  But, taking a video is still the best.

There have been hundreds of blogs from Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines, submitted to this site.  Those blogs contain pictures and videos through the courtesy of many camera owners.  Some pictures are good to see; videos are amazing to watch; and all of those are worth treasuring.

This time, we say again how good it is to belong to a family where unity is present and whose spirit flows anytime/anywhere.