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Phase 2 YES-O QHS TG Pro Continues

TG Pro Phase 2 on Fire

August 1, 2014, 2 p.m.




TG Pro Phase 1 is On

YES-O QHS TG Pro Phase 1 in Success

July 25, 2014, 2 p.m. @ QHS Covered Court





The Law of Inertia

Tomorrow, I will discuss one of the three laws of motion, which is the Law of Inertia.  This is called the First Law of Motion.

This law is responsible why do we move when our vehicle suddenly stops.  The use of seatbelts is very much familiar in this topic.  The students, is hopefully be motivated to properly wear seatbelts as they travel from place to place to avoid further injuries just in case the car bumps to each other or in any way.

The Science Club at LMI

Magic is not actually a magic.  It implements the principles of science such as speed, systematic techniques and dramatic combination of skills and knowledge making it Science magic or Science tricks.

Summer Science, Reading and Math Camp 2014




First Day of School at QHS ends up a Success

SMILE! smiley

It has always been the reminder every  first day of school from the Philippine Department of Education.  Teachers are encouraged to smile, support or assist students during the first day of school as a form of warm welcome.

Happy Mother's Day 2014


This could be the sweetest words to be said to all moms in the world especially so uttered from their beloved kids.

I really love my mom, even though she might not really feel it.  She is always beside me in times of sickness; but more often during my best days in school.  She always accompany me every year in my elementary years as we go to the stage to receive medals, certificates and the like.

Amazing moon


What an amazing sky to see a happy moon with glowing ring! It is by far, my first time to see a moon surrounded by great ring tonight, January 13, 2013. If I could remember well, my grandparents always associate astronomical events to future happenings of the country or even to anybody who can witness the event. It is usually a great time for my grandparents to open different stories, horror events, and more when I was a child. I suppose, tonight's moon appearance is an omen of an abundant and lucky year for all of us.

Third Periodical Exam comes this Week

QHS sets January 10 and 11, 2014 as the Third Periodical Test in all year levels.

The students are ready now with the test.  In fact, they actively participate on the test's review hours.

The Third Periodical Test Schedule, S.Y. 2013-2014

Good luck and God bless to of you guys!


QHS sets EFT this January 25

Greatest adventure creates unforgettable stories!

Field trip has always been an exciting thing to do especially with friends or relatives.
There are lots of unforgettable moments, stories and or experiences that you can share to others and to your beloved ones.

And that, join the Quirino High School educational field trip this coming January 25.

PE uniform is the defined attire during the trip.

Assembly time, 5:30 a.m. at the QHS Covered Court.

See all guys!