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Resignation Letter Samples


Are you thinking something to get out of your present job, task or work?

Probably, there's an unexpected opportunity waiting outside either to continue your studies, offered by another job with higher salary or whatever reasons.

I'm sharing to you examples of resignation letters that you can copy  or use as your guide to come up with your own format. 

Good day and God bless us all!


Sample Resume Format


RESUME, resume, where are you?

After series of studies, one may prefer to look for a job.  Employers may require applicants to submit application letter and resume for further perusal of the life of their next personnel in the comnpany.  So, one may prepare the needed requirements, but for sometimes you forgot the best format.

QHS Karaniwang Tao Interpretative Dance Contest Winners 2014


Dancing is one of the gifts given by God to everyone.  Everybody knows how to dance especially with great music of their choice. How about, if you are to dance but you are required to interpret it in full detail as to win in the contest.

It was really the challenge to every performer of the Quirino High School, Project 3, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines Interpretative Dance Contest 2014 to the song KARANIWANG TAO by Joey Ayala.  The participants need to interpret the environmental song with matching props and distinct moves.  

Phase 2 YES-O QHS TG Pro Continues


TG Pro Phase 2 on Fire

August 1, 2014, 2 p.m.




TG Pro Phase 1 is On


YES-O QHS TG Pro Phase 1 in Success

July 25, 2014, 2 p.m. @ QHS Covered Court





The Law of Inertia


Tomorrow, I will discuss one of the three laws of motion, which is the Law of Inertia.  This is called the First Law of Motion.

This law is responsible why do we move when our vehicle suddenly stops.  The use of seatbelts is very much familiar in this topic.  The students, is hopefully be motivated to properly wear seatbelts as they travel from place to place to avoid further injuries just in case the car bumps to each other or in any way.

The Science Club at LMI


Magic is not actually a magic.  It implements the principles of science such as speed, systematic techniques and dramatic combination of skills and knowledge making it Science magic or Science tricks.

Summer Science, Reading and Math Camp 2014


First Day of School at QHS ends up a Success


SMILE! smiley

It has always been the reminder every  first day of school from the Philippine Department of Education.  Teachers are encouraged to smile, support or assist students during the first day of school as a form of warm welcome.

Happy Mother's Day 2014



This could be the sweetest words to be said to all moms in the world especially so uttered from their beloved kids.

I really love my mom, even though she might not really feel it.  She is always beside me in times of sickness; but more often during my best days in school.  She always accompany me every year in my elementary years as we go to the stage to receive medals, certificates and the like.