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Solar Cooking Challenge in Quirino High School, Philippines

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     Time is approaching so fast that people forgot to conserve and prevent. We are very exposed to new technologies specifically, the gas stove(to introduce the topic).
     A way to conserve gas is here. Using heat from the sun(known as solar power) to cook food is an efficient way to do the cooking and laughing with friends.

    Another day of workshop(Solar Cooker Challenge) was done in Quirino High School last Saturday(July 28, 2012) with Simon Lim, Hafiz Azizi, Ma'am Gloria(SEED Coordinator,Philippnes) and the SEEDteachers in the Philippines(Ma'am Molina, Sir Roland, Ma'am Dizon & Ma'am Pingul). We accepted the challenge, so be it.
    Last July 27(Friday) we had a meeting and preparation for the July 28 workshop. The students who attended the meeting we're the team leaders, and I was one of those students.
     I, Alyyana Marie Reyes act as the leader of my team, the MaSEEDHi group with my team members Nina Tan, Abegail Maliksi, Michael Batang and Iron Patrick Primor. The name of our team, MaSEEDHi originated from the word "Masidhi" which is a Filipino word, meaning "Intense". We have an intense desire to win the challenge.
     My team accepted the challenge and we had fun from start 'till the end. Our task was to bake a "Shortcake" and it was a kind of difficult. We thought that we will not be able to make it. We had difficulties in making the mixtures because we were given limited baking tools. Yes, there was a limitation in materials but our imagination have no limits. We made improvised tools out of the things around us. For example, we made an improvised sifter by putting small holes in a plastic bag. When we're done in making the mixture of liquid and dry ingredients, we set-up our solar panels and pot. We put the mixture in a pot which is painted black from the outside for it to absorb all the heat from the sun. We also put the black pot inside a plastic which was tied up to enclose the heat inside. Then, its ready to be cooked. We placed it between our solar panels and all we have to do is to wait until its cooked.
    Around 4:30pm, the judgement of the winner started. After deciding, we(MaSEEDHi group) ended up as the 2nd best. I was so proud of ur group. It was truly my honor to the leader of my group.

   Another workshop ended leaving a smile to every student who came. :)





 Cooking the shortcake








 The ingredients and mixtures








  The MaSEEDHi group





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Wow! Thanks for taking on my challenge suggestion of cooking shortcake!  How did it look when it came out and what did you think about the finished dish? 

I am so excited to have students so far away try this along with the other dishes! =)  What a fun and delicious way to learn science!

     Hi Ma'am Carolyn, I would also say thank you for your challenge. It really tested our knowledge not only about science but also cooking. Cooking shortcake was really a mirthful experience for my group. We had fun baking the shortcake. It was quite difficult to make the mixture itself because I, the leader, don't know much about baking.
     I guess it turned out great because out of all the dishes of all the groups, our shortcake was judged as the second best. It did taste like a shortcake though it wasn't fully cooked. With a higher temperature or with a longer time of exposure under the heat of the sun, it would have been perfectly cooked.

Winning by group is a concerted effort of all the members. Congratulations to your group ALYYANA - The MaSEEDHI group!

The BEST post I've ever seen from a student!  My memory from the workshop has been revitalized through your great message and pictures! Keep it up!  BRAVO!

- Sir Rolan

Thank you sir :)