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SmartWired and Solar Water Heater Workshop

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Another workshop was held at Quirino High School last Saturday (March 9, 2013). As one of the graduating students this year, that workshop was my last workshop as a Qurino High School student. Because of that, I did everything just to enjoy that workshop.

The Smart Wired acitivty was the first one we performed. It taught us many things, mostly about our successes in life.  In that activity, I've learned and realized a lot that can help me in another stage of life I will encounter in the future. 

Another activity was performed in the afternoon, the Solar Water Heater. Like in Solar Cooking challenge, we need solar energy, and the source of it is the heat coming from the Sun. Unfortunately, the Sun didn't cooperate with us. But despite that, we still performed the activity. Each group had 3 members. My group mates were Maribel Ann Cinco (IV-1) and Anne Marie Tabuzo (III-4). With the help of Mrs. Gloria S. Bato (SEED Coordinator Philippines) and Sir Simon Lim, we successfully finished the activity. We just needed the cooperation of each of the members so that we could successfully accomplish the activity.

Thank you to my SEED Family for all the laughter you gave us that day. Thank you to our beloved SEED teachers, Mrs. Gloria Bato and Sir Simon Lim for giving this wonderful experience to us. Hope to see you again in other SEED workshop.

Our results with the Solar Water Heater activity


My group mates (L-R: Maribel Ann Cinco, Anne Marie Tabuzo, Lara Estrelles)


The materials we used for the  Solar Water Heater





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