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Science Careers for Students

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I'm back with another infographic! As you may remember from my earlier posts, SEED Schools by the Numbers and Infographics, I just love a good infographic. This time I bring you a new SEED infographic about science careers for students who are not sure they love science.

I love this topic! As a teacher, it is fun to change a student's perspective. A shift in their perception is a shift in their reality.  They may not realize that wanting to be a veterinarian is in fact science, or that studying nutrition and food requires not only understanding of biology, but chemistry as well. The best feeling in the world that a teacher can have in their classroom is helping a student realize his or her potential and what he or she has the capability to become.

This new infographic is great for helping students find their path. While not every science career is listed, the poster can spark students' imaginations about other fields they could pursue that use science on a daily basis. After all, science careers allow you to get your hands messy! Most students I know don't dream of sitting in a cubicle, and science offers them the perfect opportunity to avoid that when they are older!

If you like the poster below you can download one to hang in your classroom, or share it on your Web site and other social spaces!  

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Awesome way to walk our youth to discover their interests. It would be great to have a version in Spanish, you could?

Jose Ysea


Let me ask about that!

Very informative, Ma'am Carolyn!

Very helpful to my research. At this time, I'm currently doing research on factors affecting the science course choice of Quirino High School students, Quezon City, Metro Manila, which is very timely.

I need more references and write ups like this one.

Thank you so much, po, Ma'am Carolyn!