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Pi vs Tau

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I recently emailed my brother in law Patrick this month's math puzzle "Around the World".  Though not a mathematician, the man is a genius and solved the puzzle almost immediately. As an aside, he mentioned to me that there is a debate out there about whether pi is a useful constant, and that it should in fact be taught as 2 times the value of pi, which is the precise answer to this math puzzle!

He shared with me this interesting video which defintitely has converted me to the ways of tau (not to mention that I am now craving pie!!!).  Check this out and tell me if you, too, are a convert to Tau.



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Can't believe I have been blinbded all these years! In fact I learned more about pi in this video than I did through all the years in school! And now adding Tau to the equation, I am just having a "wow" moment :).

Thanks for sharing,

Ha ha - yes, me too!  And on top of that, I'm also hungry for pie!!!