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Country for the young - 7 years after SEEDed

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Over the Easter Break, I flew back to China and visited a SEED school for the first time.

Upon Arrival

Town of Linji, Qionglai County, Chengdu of Sichuan Province, China.




Town of Linji, Qionglai County, Chengdu of Sichuan Province, China. 

The School

An integrated 9-year school that holds 1,300+ primary and middle schoolers. 60% of their graduates pursue further education.

Located in an underdeveloped part of the country, the majority of the households in town are in agriculture. Tea and oranges are the main produce. Below 10% of the students have computers at home, even less with internet access.



the agreement signed 8 years ago








Outside the computer lab of 125th SEED connected school.

To learn more about the SEED Connectivity Grant Program (now School Network Program) and the 265 SEED connected schools worldwide, visit

In session: 4th graders learning abut the Windows operating system.

 For the past 7 years, a few hundred students had their first exposure to a PC and internet here, thanks to SEED SNP. The school has been very grateful to receive this generous support from SEED and is taking good care of the equipment. Meanwhile, with  the exponential growth in computer technology, facility maintenance staff at school find many components obsolete when they go to the market  for replacement after a long period of use. At the time of my visit, only 29 out of the original 55 PC’s were still functioning, and 2 or 3 students were sharing each machine.


Fruit Power

Students from Class 9-1 ran a brief collaborative work shop "Fruit Power" with our SEEDkit ( Two teams of two challenged each other to shine the LED brightestyesenlightened.


It was great fun! I flashed back to my middle-school days while the boys were busy beating each other’s score. Despite my effort, much to my dismay, girls in the class were too shy to step up and build their circuit.

The students could all memorize the activity series of metals, while it took a while to connect the fruit batteries in sequence and build up voltage.

I also noticed that even the brightest of students weren’t much of experimentalists. It might be because the school didn’t have a dedicated lab or many lab appliances. Some basic lab sessions will help advance their understanding significantly.


After the match, everyone is eager for a SEED tattoo!

 Best tattoo!  

 The Old County and Its New Beer

  P.S., trivia about Qionglai County (where the school is located): it was the first in recorded history to have discovered and utilized natural gas. 

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Lots of take aways for everyone to see how good the SEED Schools are doing worldwide.



How I wish I could visit that school too!

It's really one of my goals to visit one SEED school soon. Any invites out there--hehe!!!

Very exciting!


- Rolan


What a great story! Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for taking the time to write this story and post picture.

I, unfortunately, have not visited any SEED schools, as they are located outside fo US and this is the only way I can see how SEED is making an impact around the world. Stories from volunteers, teachers, students, and alumni students are what keeps us alive and moving forward.

It would be great to see the school receive another grant in the future with updated computers and software and maybe the current ones can be donated to schools that are more in need.

I just love how clean the school yard looks and the beautiful trees in front of the school!

Congratulations to that school!  Thanks to SEED for adding the list of kindness in that school!

It's nice to hear really the benevolence of SEED admin and staff for the education of the youth!

I do wish that Ma'am Iryna could visit here in the Phillipines.

See u soon here, Ma'am Iryna!

Ma'am Corinne had visited us here in the Philippines and she looked so very ordinary but very approachable, very kind, very friendly, fast learner on Filipino words and the like.  Thanks Ma'am Corinne!  Your visit here is really our honor, and we are treasuring it forever.

- Rolan (Philippines) 

Thank you Rolando.

Maybe one day!