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May 2012

Empty Nesters


When I checked the cardinal eggs on Saturday, I was pleased to see gray fuzz and pink skin: baby birds! I looked in on Sunday to monitor their activity, and all seemed well.

As you can see, baby birds are not the most attractive creatures!

Macae workshop, Brazil, part 1


Bonne dia!

It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of the SEED team in Macae and to participate in the unique collaborative workshop in Brazil.

Special thanks to Zenobio, SEED Coordinator in Brazil for the warm welcome, for organizing everything, and for being so hospitable.

2012 - Fruit Power and Buoyancy Workshop - Ardar - May 23

School Workshop
Event Date: 
05/23/2012 (All day)
Location(s) of Event: 
Contact Person: 
Smail Djebrouni

Last week, Algeria coordinator, Smail Djebrouni and volunteer Chouaib Guerrout  visited Adrar Schools.

They started the workshop by presenting SEED Program (What is SEED), followed by Power Fruit energy workshop using SEEDKIT in Arabic language.

After that they did Buoyancy experimentation with students.

27° 52' 0.5196" N, 0° 16' 59.7648" W

proyectos seed de energias alternas


en el liceo nacional dr. Raúl Cuenca se esta haciendo un proyecto que consiste en:

1. proyecto de animacion en el programa scratch

2. maqueta que produsca energia alterna,solar, hidraulica, eolica, etc

este proyecto lo estan realizando los estudiantes del 1º de informatica "A" conformado por dos grupos y que sus capitanes son:

1. Celeine Palencia

2. Jesus Guerra 

Continuación de seed kit de evaporación


DIA. 30/05/12
Continuación de seed kit de evaporación.

Los estudiantes de 4to de laboratorio B, ejecutaron las actividades correspondientes al seed kit de evaporación, dentro de las cuales realizaron las investigaciones en la pagina plantetseed y con la información del seed kit. De igual forma los estudiantes de 4to de laboratorio B invitaron  a los estudiantes de 2 Año  de Robinsoniano B, para que escucharan las exposiciones e intercambiar ideas sobre el proceso de desalinización del agua y sobre el experimento.

Energia Solar en la fabrica de madera


A new type of workshop in Macae, Brazil (Day 3)


Hello friends,

I'm writing to you one last time from the collaborative workshop in beautiful Macae, Brazil. The experience has opened my eyes once again to the unrelenting dedication of the SEED coordinators, volunteers, educators, and staff, whithout whom these special events could not be possible, or nearly as impactful as they are; and to the unmatched spirit and energy of the teachers, students, administrative staff, and their families at our SEED schools, who have taught me not only new principles about science and technology, but about the desire to learn in today's classroom.

Exposición realizada por los estudiantes de los diferentes tipos de energías alternativas



Exposición realizada por los estudiantes de los diferentes tipos de energías alternativas.

1er Taller en Colaboración SEED


1er Taller en Colaboración SEED
Escuelas: E.T.R.A. Dr. Gilberto Rodriguez Ochoa & E.T.C. Hermágoras Chávez
Fecha: Abril 10-11-12/2012
Lugar: Ciudad Ojeda. Estado Zulia en la escuela E.T.R.A. Dr. Gilberto Rodriguez Ochoa.


The Essentials of Password Safety


On the last week of March this year, my account was hijacked by the irrelevant people of society. They have nothing to do but to destroy anything they want online, but I'm at peace now.  Anyway, God is with me!

May I share to you an excerpt from Audri and Jim Lanford, May 30, 2012, issue that reminds me of that: