Программа курса «Основы технического моделирования»,7- 9 класс 2014

Программа курса «Основы технического моделирования».

Педагоги Лицея № 1502 МЭИ и инженеры Лаборатории "Экспериментариум 1502 МЭИ", основываясь на опыте проведения элективных курсов, проектной работы в Лаборатории, создали учебную программу  "Основы технического моделирования". Сегодня курс включен в обязательную программу учебного  года 2014-2015.

Программа для 1 семестра прилагается.

Spooky Bubbles - Halloween Science


In the US, Halloween is a holiday full of slimy things, creepy crawlers, and lots of fun! When I think of fun, I think of hands-on science experiments. My friends here at the SEED offices are the same way so we decided to try out a little Halloween science!

2014 Artwork Competition Results


Math is Beautiful!2014 artwork program, SEED, Science, Math is Beautiful, PlanetSEED, winners

Since 1998, students at SEED schools have been invited to express their artistic and creative talents in themes of science, nature, and diversity. Every year we receive amazing works of art that tell us how SEED students see the world. 

QHS Karaniwang Tao Interpretative Dance Contest Winners 2014


Dancing is one of the gifts given by God to everyone.  Everybody knows how to dance especially with great music of their choice. How about, if you are to dance but you are required to interpret it in full detail as to win in the contest.

It was really the challenge to every performer of the Quirino High School, Project 3, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines Interpretative Dance Contest 2014 to the song KARANIWANG TAO by Joey Ayala.  The participants need to interpret the environmental song with matching props and distinct moves.