What can we do on World Malaria Day?

CDC, MosquitoA few years ago I visited India, a country where malaria is regularly found. This disease sickens more than 200 million people each year, 80% of them children. It was the first time I had thought seriously about my health and considered the risk I was taking by potentially coming into contact with malaria. Given the preventative drug options given to me by my doctor, I felt comfortable taking my trip.


Listen to your body!

Last weekend I came down with a nasty stomach virus.  It started with a headache that came and went several times for two days. Then I felt my body get weaker and weaker. Soon my head was spinning, my stomach ached, and I couldn't even stand up.  Instead of fighting through it to accomplish my neverending list of tasks, I decided to lie down on the couch. Within an hour I was much worse and was forced to abandon any social plans and get into bed. 

Electric Generator SEEDKIT Workshops

Electric Generator SEEDKIT

Have you used the Electric Generator SEEDKIT in your classroom for a workshop? Have you tried the activities at home with your own children?  Have you experimented with the labs yourself? 


El día 03/04/2014 la Dirección del la Escuela Técnica Comercial HERMAGORAS CHAVEZ, entrego a Schlumberger el Botón de EXCELENCIA ACADEMICA, el cual reconoce el impacto que el Programa SEED tiene en el desarrollo de las actividades pedagógicas que ejecuta la institución y que se convierte en apoyo fundamental en el impulso de la  ciencia y la tecnología.