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Sharing our passion for learning and science to create opportunities for youth

Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development (SEED) is a volunteer-based, nonprofit education program focused on underserved communities where Schlumberger people live and work. SEED empowers employee-volunteers and educators—including teachers, parents and other mentors—to share their passion for learning and science with students aged 10-18. The SEED learning-while-doing (LWD) methodology draws on the technology and science expertise of our volunteers to engage students in global issues, such as water, energy and climate change.

Our Vision

To ignite passion for science and learning in youth and empower them to use knowledge and technology creatively to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Our Mission

To inspire, influence, and enable educators in underserved communities where Schlumberger people live and work to engage youth in topics related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This will be achieved by building learning communities and knowledge-sharing environments in which students, educators, and volunteers collaborate on projects in their local languages.

Our Programs

STEM workshops offer hands-on training and online activities to teachers while using a project-based approach. These experiences foster teamwork and understanding among teachers and students within a single school or among different schools and countries.

PlanetSEED, a public and free science Web site, provides a broad range of STEM-based resources to teachers, students, and science lovers everywhere. Resources are available in seven languages–Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Ask the Experts invites anyone to submit science questions on our Web site or via a mobile app to STEM experts working in the fields of physical science, geoscience, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Our volunteer experts will respond with an accurate and relevant answer in any of the seven languages covered by SEED.

The School Network Program invites qualified underserved schools to apply for two-year grants that provide computer hardware and software, Internet connectivity and related services, educational resources, and future planning guidance.  Throughout the life cycle of the grant, SEED works with its network schools to ensure the continuity of the program once the grant expires.

SEED—An Expression of Service and Spirit

SEED is a proud and integral expression of the global Schlumberger service culture. It taps into the passion of Schlumberger people for science and learning, and encourages personal outreach to benefit youth around the world. In this way, thanks to our dedicated Schlumberger volunteers, SEED serves the higher purpose of building connections and understanding among the world’s diverse individuals and communities.

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SEED Facts (as of January 31, 2015)

STEM Workshops
Teacher Academies: 0 in 2015; 5 total.
  Total number of participants: 212 teachers, 6 volunteers
Collaborative Workshops: 0 in 2015; 144 total.
  Total number of participants: 2,163 teachers, 4,275 students, 1,101 volunteers
Volunteer/Facilitator Workshops: 0 in 2015; 83 total.
  Total Number of participants: 736 teachers, 157 students, 681 volunteers
School Workshops: 2 in 2015; 240 total.
  Total number of participants:  907 teachers, 11,003 students, 804 volunteers
PlanetSEED science Web site
Page views: 413,961 page views this month; 5.3 million page views in 2014 .
Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
Ask the Experts
Questions answered:
111 this year; 14,543 since 2003.
Enlisted STEM experts: 600+
Most popular topics: physics and geoscience.
School Network Program
292 schools have been granted in 44 countries, serving more than 315,400 students.
683 affiliated schools from 67 countries have also joined the PlanetSEED online community.
See the most recent list of schools and countries at
Registered Participants
8,763 from 112 countries of operation, including:
5,417 Volunteers
1,424 Teachers
527 Students
1,395 Friends

The latest SEED fact sheet is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

For more information, contact SEED.